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Nursing Home Reform is Desperately Needed

In today’s nursing homes across America, there are things happening that is beyond belief. Patients are being abused and neglected and this bad treatment is leading to extreme suffering, pain, and even death for the patients who are in the nursing homes. Nursing home negligence is becoming more and more common in all types of long-term health care facilities. The sad truth is that there is very little being done to change how patients are cared for in a nursing facility.

An eighty-five year old woman recently spent the last days of her life lying in bed suffering excruciating pain. This woman had a severe bowel impaction that went undetected for over a week. She cried in pain for several days and no one paid attention to her. This bowel impaction eventually lead to a heart attack, which resulted in her death.

If she was lying in bed in severe pain and screaming for a nurse or a doctor, why did no one respond to her? Her family did not even find out the truth until after her funeral. A man who drove the nursing home transport van turned to offer his condolences in church and said that he was sorry that such a nice lady had to suffer like she did.

The family questioned this remark and later found out what had happened. This devastated the family to know that their mother, their sister, the aunt and the person they loved had suffered such a horrible death.

The federal government is taking some measures towards nursing home reform. It is estimated by the federal government that more than thirty percent of all nursing homes in the United States have been investigated for some form of abuse, neglect, or patient treatment.

Government records show that more than five thousand nursing home resident deaths between 1999 and 2000 were the result of dehydration, malnutrition, or bedsores, all of which are caused by negligence. This is why more people should report abuse or negligence when it is suspected. Reporting more claims can eventually lead to more reform from the federal government.

Situations such as this one are happening in nursing homes everyday. This is why there is such a desperate need for nursing home reform. Something has to be done to stop this pain and suffering. No one deserves to be treated so terribly.

New rules and regulations about patient care and treatment need to be evaluated and implemented into the nursing home policy so that these abuse and neglect can be eliminate in the nursing homes. How would you feel if this happened to a loved one? It is time for reform and it cannot wait any longer. Nursing home reform is desperately needed.

No one deserves to suffer abuse or neglect for any reason. Nursing home reform is something that should be investigated frequently so that abuse and nursing home negligence can be eliminated. It is not fair that the elders in a nursing home, after working all of their lives to provide a good life for their families, end up dying a painful death due to abuse and negligence.

Nick Johnson

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