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Are the American conservative party ready to offer an alternative budget and foreign policy?

Obama —- the President is a Democrat

Conservatives are upset

Do they have an alternate plan to offer the people ?
Have they come up with a winning stradegy which is being rejected ? If so what is it?

What does the Conservative party of the US propose for the economy and how does that differ from the current plan ?

Anyone ?
In all the days of you’re life — Has the opposition to government EVER had an alternate plan offered to the people ?

Or has this been opposition after opposition which was heard from in sound bites attacking but with no alternate plan for governing the peoples

Really ?

The only time any kind of alternate plan is really ever outlined if 4 yrs ?

Other than that the alternate party does nothing but offer up what is wrong with the plan —- but then has no plan of its own?

That is as it must be called — opposition for show

The government policy is enacted and opposed as if written in a play —-

Taxes added are never taxes repealed NO — not ever

Income tax is the most notable of these successes that remain even after several governments have come and gone

This is the opposition —- this is the alternative of the peoples ? A shallow reaction to powers granted and taxes levied?

Does any of this remind you of feudal Lords in the 21st century ?

Our party has zero political power currently Trout. We get to be the noise-makers and rabble rousers. It’s new for us, but we’ve been watching the libs do it for decades. I didn’t realize how much fun it is. I haven’t graduated to destroying other people’s property. Yet. I’m kind of waiting to see if they’ll actually acquire any of their own, first.

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01 Outsiders Part 1

This programme traces the origins of what was to become Thatcherism in an increasingly socialist post-war Britain.

Duration : 29 min

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Enemy Within Spins What our Troops Want

Our troops and our enemies have connected these dots, can you?

To prove a point again, after the November 2006 elections, a Yahoo search for “What Troops Want” was conducted. It delivered dozens of links to articles that referenced a Zogby International poll of our troops in Iraq, released February 28, 2006. This was the most recent poll found from this search.

This was a scientifically conducted poll of 944 US volunteers in Iraq, with 63% of respondents being under age thirty, and it took place in face to face questioning.

Most articles listed by Yahoo highlighted that 72% of our troops thought they should be withdrawn from Iraq in six to twelve months, with the balance of the survey results severely downplayed or omitted. However, logic leads one to conclude that the specified, troop supported time frame for withdrawal is contingent upon achieving victory in that time frame so our war dead were not killed in vain. It also implies a belief in the probability, not just the possibility, of success in the same time frame.

Le Moyne College’s Center for Peace and Global Studies paid Zogby to conduct the poll, presumably, to get results that supported the financier’s predetermined stance against pre-emptive war. Follow the money. Among pollsters the old joke is “Tell me what answers you want, then I will construct the questions.”

Probably the most egregiously spun article was posted at the website of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), with many branches in the US. Do you believe most of our military volunteers agree with the Socialist Worker ideology or are the vast majority of them capitalists? The ISO version of the Zogby poll results were found in an article titled “US Troops in Iraq Say: We Want Out!”, posted at (www dot) It appears to have taken the ISO ten days, until March 10, 2006 to figure out how best to spin this information, to their propaganda purposes. For a real eye opener, check out their Where We Stand section, posted at (www dot)

One article, titled “A Letter from The Troops”, relayed the poll results from a traditional, conservative view point, and a more logical one. It can be viewed at (www dot)

The poll results, direct from Zogby, are posted at (www dot)

There is a lot of information about what our troops want in this poll. The most important paragraph may be the one below, about what US volunteers think about the people in America who support a rapid military withdrawal from Iraq.

“Asked why they think some Americans favor rapid U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq, 37% of troops serving there said those Americans are unpatriotic; while 20% believe people back home don’t believe a continued occupation will work. Another 16% said they believe those favoring a quick withdrawal do so because they oppose the use of the military in a pre-emptive war, while 15% said they do not believe those Americans understand the need for the U.S. troops in Iraq.”

Let us employ logic, to break this down. The 37% of US Troops in Iraq who stated Americans calling for a hasty withdrawal are unpatriotic were the volunteers willing to say so, probably the youngest, brashest among them. Using logic, I deduce that officers and more seasoned volunteers might have felt as the 37% did, but answered that question in a different, more politically correct way, like “They Don’t Understand the Need for US Troops in Iraq” (or the need for the mission). If I am correct, the number of deployed-in-Iraq US volunteers who believe divisive voters are unpatriotic is probably higher than thirty seven percent. Twenty percent believed those people back home don’t believe an occupation strategy will work, meaning they believe our military will fail and cannot win. Sixteen percent of volunteers questioned said those people back home don’t believe in pre-emptive war, meaning the current mission in Iraq. Finally, fifteen percent of our troops in Iraq thought the people back home favoring a rapid withdrawal from Iraq, do not understand the need for US troops in Iraq. Logically, this implies that the troops themselves do understand the need to be there.

None of these responses, of 88% of our volunteers in Iraq, spells anything positive about our troops’ vast majority opinion of people back home who favor rapid military withdrawal from Iraq, before victory is achieved. The Bush Hating press will never tell you this. They spin it the opposite way to comply with their subversion of US troop morale, the Commander-In-Chief and the current mission in Iraq. They are shameless and undermine our troops’ vast majority wishes for victory, while emboldening our enemies to kill more Americans so we will quit. We quit in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia. This is the propaganda strategy of our external and internal enemies. Logic also supports this conclusion about our, mostly Democratic, main stream media members. They have their political reasons; utopian filled visions of a nanny state and power lust to mold US voters’ minds to support their preferred social policies.

Why would re-enlistments be so high, above established goals, among volunteers if they do not believe in their mission or the possibility of success in building a free, secure democracy in Iraq? Obviously, they also envision the dark consequences of failure in Iraq. The re-enlistment figures in this poll are very revealing, to the objective mind.

If you insist upon throwing logic out the window, you must want poll results of what our troops want. You must want hard data. It is not easy to find the truth; it takes work, a lot of work. Because deployed troops must use absentee ballots from their home States, voting is done early and exit polls are impractical at best. But knowing what our troops want is not impossible.

In 2004, after being at war for approximately eighteen months, our active duty troops voted overwhelming for our current Commander-In-Chief, instead of the war hero John Kerry, according to all accounts. Why? Are they brainwashed fools or are they just stupid? Actually, to join our armed forces ownership of a high school diploma or GED is required, which is more than is required for civilian citizens, felons and illegal aliens to vote. So who is brainwashed or just stupid?

Logic leads us to the conclusion that the vast majority of our educated volunteers believe in the ideology of human freedom over tyranny and in their principled, current Commander-In-Chief. And they believe that Saddam Hussein was a global financier of terrorism who had ties to Al-Qaeda. The Zogby poll reported nearly ninety percent of our volunteers in Iraq “think war is retaliation for Saddam’s role in 9/11”, direct from Zogby’s website. Why? And they know Saddam Hussein was a mass murderer, an international criminal and a self proclaimed enemy of the United States in weekly breach of the 1991 cease fire agreement. Are nearly ninety percent of them fools who believe nothing but lies? I don’t think so. Has Joseph Paul Goebbels been re-incarnated to run the US military propaganda department and brainwash our troops in secret? I don’t think so.

An article titled “Saddam, the ATM of Al-Qaeda” presents part of the evidence and arguments that caused New York Judge Harold Baer to find Iraq responsible for 9/11. It can be viewed at (www dot)

Setting your political emotions aside and using logic as a working tool to find the truth is required, to honestly determine what our troops want. Poll results can be, and always are, spun to support the predetermined ideology of the people paying for the polls, logic tells us. That does not make polls totally worthless. But it makes the employment of logic and objectivity critical in deciphering the true results of polls, separating the chaff from the wheat so to speak.

Did the majority of our troops in Iraq use absentee votes to support Republicans or Democrats in 2006? Hard data is nowhere to be found, yet, to my knowledge. High percentages of our troops voted for our current President in 2004. Does it logically follow that they wanted the President they overwhelmingly supported in 2004 to be rendered a lame duck in 2006? Any Bush Hater will tell you yes. If you are a Bush Hater, you probably tell yourself yes.

Are your votes aligned with our troops’ majority wishes or with our enemies’ wishes? Do you care? Is your political judgment and desire more important than our troops’ majority wishes? Do your votes subvert our troops’ majority wishes, during wartime? You better employ logic and figure it out, unless you prefer a military draft.

While active duty re-enlistments are above military goals, new recruitments are not. First time enlistments in our military may decline even further if our country remains so politically divided. Why not? If voting unity in the US does not develop, only another successful terrorist strike on US soil would swing the pendulum of first time enlistments back the other way.

Maybe that is what it will take for Americans to vote, en masse, for what our troops want. I pray more of us will figure it out ahead of time, instead of employing logic only after another successful terrorist strike on our homeland resulting in more murdered Americans. If they missed you and yours on 9/11/01, maybe next time terrorists will murder your family members, or you.

Votes affect morale, on both sides. Connect the dots. Our troops and our enemies have connected these dots, can you? Only votes count. Logic tells us that our volunteers would prefer that we vote for their majority wishes, as they vote, instead of against those political wishes. Logic tells us that our volunteers don’t vote against their own majority wishes due to brainwashing, The False Prophet Goebbels, is dead. Voting is still a private, secret process even for our educated, volunteer military members.

Do you trust the judgment of our active duty volunteers, on the ground in Iraq, more than your own? I do.

There is not a more important political issue, during wartime, than what our volunteer troops want, if you care. This truth probably would not change even if they were conscripted forces.

How do you judge our military? Are they worthy of your voting support? Will you set aside your emotions and employ logic to reach the correct conclusion?

Average Joe Boomer

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Advertising Law What Are Three Things Every Marketer Should Know About Advertising Law? Find out in 60 seconds with this video from The 60 Second Marketer

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Book of Malachi Introduction

Introduction to studies in the book of Malachi with Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, Apostolic University Chancellor

Duration : 7 min 1 sec

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Duration : 18 min 32 sec

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