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Ron Paul Compilation

A Nice DVD I downloaded off of bittorrent called "A Man For All Seasons" with some great bush/Ron Paul clips revealing that he is correct about both the war and our debt.

Duration : 38 min 30 sec

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Posted by mark - January 28, 2010 at 5:17 am

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Republicans; Does Sarah Palin rightly represent the Republican ideal for moral values?

A simple yes or no will suffice. She either does or she doesn’t.
What is it about the above question that makes anyone assume there’s a negative tone or intention to it?
How do you know that I’m not a Republican?
ISN’T THIS A SIMPLE QUESTION? About as simple as it gets?
When abstinence doesn’t work? Abstinence ALWAYS prevents pregnancy. Lack of knowledge in self control on the other hand doesn’t always work.


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Posted by mark - January 21, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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Critical Thinking for Creationists

Critical Thinking for Creationists.

Science always wins. Sadly, some people actually believe the world is less than 10,000 years old. These are creationists.

Wouldn’t a worldview of reason and evidence over superstition and dogma be better? We want to make sense of observations that don’t rely on religious texts and the myriad interpretations they engender. This video shows how science, once allowed to prosper, bears a fruit of understanding with incredible power to explain and understand our surroundings.

In America, over half of the population is ignorant to an incredible array of evidence supporting evolution and other scientific facts. Denying it is just as ridiculous as denying the holocaust or other well-recorded historical facts.

Such denial is a travesty, robbing society of truth. Religion dupes its blind-faith followers into accepting dogma for which there is no evidence. If only such believers would require the same standard of evidence they do for most other parts of their lives.

All we ask is that people look at their faith and ask “does it add up?” Does prayer work as advertised? Do verifiable miracles happen? What really is the evidence for evolution and an old earth? Why does a loving God sentence the vast majority of humanity to eternal while being so coy about his very existence? And many other questions. If it doesn’t add up, you should be asking yourself why.

We might only be able to be agnostic about God, but we can be atheists regarding God as described by most modern religions which make quite falsifiable claims.

Use your brain and ask yourself “does it add up?” If you find, under any amount of evidenciary scrutiny, that it does not add up, you must look around: you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Duration : 0:6:46

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Posted by mark - January 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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the new conservative movement

Join the new conservative movement and stop Obama and Liberalism. Study after Study shows that a large part of Obama voters are uninformed and thinks most conservative are racist and rednecks. You are in good company here, and we need to grow our base and stop democrats in 2010, and 2012. We have seen the liberal media race bait, and lie about Rush Limbaugh. We have seen unemployment rise to a 30 plus year high. We have seen Barack Obama ignore the will of the people and shove socialized medicine down our throats and its time to take our Country back. Start now!

Duration : 0:3:16

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Posted by mark - January 17, 2010 at 11:06 am

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Francis Deluca Speaks on Lockwood Phillips 09-29-09

Francis Deluca Speaks on Lockwood Phillips 09-29-09

Duration : 8 min 28 sec

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Posted by mark - January 15, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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Gladstone & Disraeli: Clash of the Titans

An engrossing portrait of two of the 19th century’s greatest politicians and Prime Ministers, William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli, and their struggle to outdo each other over 40-odd years. Presented by Huw Edwards, this extensive film concentrates on how these two ambitious and patriotic men changed the course of British politics, Gladstone by creating the Liberal Party, Disraeli by formulating a more progressive notion of Conservatism that would last well into the 20th century.

Duration : 1 hr 27 min 29 sec

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Posted by mark -  at 4:01 pm

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