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Banks, are They Really Your Friend?

Banks, T.A.R.P. — the ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program’, and home foreclosures, have been in the news numerous times since 2008 and will continue to be a hot topic for many years to come. Why? Because, as they say; “It is not over until it is over.” Believe me when I tell you, it is not going to be over for a long time.

Sure, the media would have you believe that things are getting better, but you must keep in mind who most likely owns the controlling shares in the media and who certainly pays for the advertising that keep the media solvent. In short, the media are bought and paid for, so when their puppet masters pull the strings that are attached to their purses, they dance when told to dance.

Are the banks really your friend? Well, let us look at their behavior, and the favor they have with the politicians you elect, and how they are treating those less fortunate and weaker than themselves.

A number of financial giants have received federal bailout monies in the past year. This is in effect your money in the form of current and future taxes. The government immediately printed more and gave it to them and others, which is another story about inflation, and one which we will all pay for in the long run. The government didn’t ask your permission, they just did it. This makes any thinking person ask; whose side is the government really on, yours, or the banks? Those who can bend the politicians’ ears with expensive lobbyist, and provide them with the most benefits of course!

This bailout money has kept the banks solvent and rescued them from a disaster of their own making — one whose root sprang from a seed of greed. They sold the unwitting population dodgy mortgages, tempting them with expensive advertising and highly paid and persuasive salespeople, and the promises of a never-ending prosperity, and when the faux financial ‘chickens came home to roost’ and laid lots of ‘bad eggs’ the banks didn’t want to wear it, so they made the taxpayer pay for their error by lobbying the government to bail them out, ensuring that the very people they sold the dodgy deals to in the first place would carry the burden of their blunder. Perhaps they designed it this way. Are they not supposed to be the experts? Surely, they knew that it would all come down to this.

Let’s not forget that everyone in the chain of events, including the hapless home-buyer, profited from the ‘prosperity dream scheme’. But that is as far as it goes. The prosperity of the homeowner is well and truly over. That which once seemed like the American Dream is now a nightmare for the homeowner. The financial institutions profited the greatest, from those who designed the dodgy loans to those who sold them. Like bedfellows they moved as one. When one turned over, so did the other.

Now here is the insult, in fact one of several. According to Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Trouble Asset Relief Program, “The total potential federal government support could reach up to $23.7 trillion” One ranking member, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said, “If you spent a million dollars a day going back to the birth of Christ, that wouldn’t even come close to just $1 trillion — $23.7 trillion is a staggering figure.”

Let’s see, by my calculation it would take 46,000 years — give or take a few centuries — just to pay back the principle, let alone the interest!

This staggering amount of money is created by the Federal Reserve in collusion with the government to beat back the bank collapses, bail out the auto makers, boost lending and stave off further housing foreclosures. Keep in mind, those that own the Federal Reserve are — you guessed it — the banks! Also keep in mind the people who are ultimately going to pay for all of this ‘created from thin air’ money – are the taxpayers, and they will pay back to the banks — at interest — forever! Well, perhaps I exaggerated just a tad. For at least 46,000 years.

Now here’s another insult to us. The bailout monies are being used to provide exorbitant bonuses to the very people who caused this disaster in the first place. According to the New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, a great many of the bonuses exceeded the amount of profit generated by the banks! They are fiddling the books like crooks while Rome is burning.

Here is the final insult — well, for now anyway. Banks in states like Arizona are using their lobbying powers, greased with the bonus monies that saved their skins, to have laws changed to their advantage at the expense of the very people to whom they originally sold the dodgy loans, when times appeared to be booming — according to the media that is.

What a shock! Politicians being bribed by those with the big money grip. I thought prostitution was illegal?

The homeowners, who bought into the dream of a second home as an investment, and one that is now in foreclosure, are at this time threatened with garnishment of their wages! It doesn’t take a genius to see that if their wages are garnished that they cannot pay the mortgage on their first home either, and will soon be – well, let’s be perfectly candid — homeless!

If they can do it in one state, don’t you think they will push to do it in the other states as well? After all, they have bonuses to pay themselves and share holders to please.

Talk about mean spirited! Now I ask you once again.  Are the banks really your friend?

Please do two things immediately for your own sake, and do them quickly. Form an L.L.C. or Limited Liability Company to protect your assets, and then invest in Tax Defaulted lands for a fraction of their real worth through tax deed sales, to increase your assets at very little cost – usually for mere pennies on the dollar of their real value. At least then you will own some land, and can build again.

Then do a third and fourth thing if it is possible, don’t believe the media when they tell you the banks are your friends, and don’t trust the banks and their ‘double speak’, and if at all possible, never borrow from them again – they are not your friends. Their actions prove it, and actions always speak louder than words.

Plain speaking in a world of ‘double speak’ is not always easy to hear. Most people want to have everything P.C. — ‘politically correct’, and offend no one. Well, we all should be offended by this outrage. So what can you do? Dig a deeper foxhole and keep your head down, because they are loading their guns — and you are the target.

Find a way to get out from under their ‘big money grip’. Your very existence, and that of your children and grand children, and even their great grand children, may depend on it.

Harry Connor Jr

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Six Years Later – A Failed Presidency

President Bush came into office with great promise, and the reality has been one failure after another, and this is coming from a writer who was a conservative Republican before the President knew what the term meant. Let’s use former President Ronald Reagan’s requirements for a successful Presidency. Do you remember the last debate between then President Jimmy Carter and candidate Reagan? The former Republican Governor of California asked the American people in closing if they thought they were better off today in 1980, than they were when President Carter took office four years earlier in January of 1977. The following Tuesday, the American people threw the failed President from Georgia out of office in a landslide.

Here we are now six years into another Presidency, and the only thing that I believe has been successful about this Presidency is the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is somewhat above the same level it was in 2000 when this President was elected. Let’s look at a few of the big issues this President has faced and to which he has reacted poorly in resolving.

1) The tragedy of 9/11 – Six years later, Osama Bin Laden the direct murderer of almost 3000 Americans remains FREE, and unencumbered by the United States military. Do we still have military units assigned to hunting him down? There is not a word in the press about it if we do.

2) Making America SAFER in response to terrorism – Do you really believe we are safer? I for one believe that no American passenger airplane will ever be taken hostage again by terrorists. I believe this only because of the American passengers on board who will react immediately to a hostage situation, not because of the marshal program but because Americans still remember how to defend themselves, and they will. As for planes crashing into buildings, do you really think all those FED EX, UPS, and US Postal Service planes are secure? Do you think private corporate aircraft are secure? What about the tens of thousands of private airplanes in America?

Recently a private airplane in NY flew up the East River, made a U-Turn and crashed into an apartment building on the East Side of Manhattan. Nobody realized what was going on until the crash occurred. As a result the government has not banned flights up the East River. It’s kind of late, don’t you think?

3)The Docks are not safe – How difficult would it be for a terrorist group to sneak a low yield nuclear weapon into this country aboard one of the tens of thousands of merchant transport ships that bring cargo into this country each year? Only a small percentage of the cargo is inspected.

4) Subway and Bus System still completely exposed – The terrorist acts in Madrid and London in the last several years exposed flaws in our own public transportation systems that have not been addressed. Do you really think that terrorists carrying backpacks with explosives in them would have any problem getting on a NYC bus or subway car, and committing their insane acts?

5) Hurricane Katrina – This terrible tragedy exposed government ineptness, and lack of responsiveness. There were bodies of American citizens floating down the Mississippi River in the streets of New Orleans, and this is the 21st century. FEMA which is the Federal Emergency Management Association proved to be completely incapable of handling, or even helping in this crisis. Do you really believe that these inadequacies have been addressed? If chemical or biological warfare were used against the United States by terrorists, do you think that we would have anything approaching an adequate response to such an attack? I don’t believe it.

6) Initial Iraq decision making process – You have got to be kidding us, Mr. President. We know in retrospect that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein posed no direct threat to America. In other words, he was not going to attack us. The basis for the war was in error, and I personally supported it. We have wasted 3000 American lives during the invasion, and 3000 subsequent to the invasion in ERROR, plus 30,000 men who have been injured including terrible losses of their limbs.

7) Post Invasion decision making – Wow, could it really have been worse? Could the people reporting to the President have done a poorer job in post war Iraq, if they had wanted to? We had the unnecessary disbanding of the Iraqi army, to the throwing out of the Sunni civil servants that knew how to run the day to day government operations. We then installed the Shia civil servants who had not run the government in several hundred years. The whole thing was a series of colossal, could have been ANTICIPATED mistakes. Our window of opportunity to do the right thing has now passed. The American electorate has lost its patience with this President, and this war. Our options are running out, and there is no good ending in site for us.

8) Largest deficits in American history – You have got to be kidding when this man calls himself a conservative President. There is nothing conservative whatsoever about his spending policies. He has systematically outspent every one of his predecessors in history to the tune of trillions of dollars. He has not vetoed one Congressional spending act – first time in history. His prescription drug bill for seniors is costing almost $50 billion dollars per year more than it should because he included overpayments to drug companies, and created unnecessary giveaways to insurance companies to act as intermediaries in the program. Who would have believed that a Republican President would do such a thing?

9) Tax policies that don’t make sense – I believe in the lowest rate of taxation possible. I do not believe that you cut taxes for the rich in a time of deficit, borrow the money from Japan, China, and Europe to fund the deficits, and then send tax refund checks to the richest 2 percent of the population with the borrowed funds. Furthermore, I do not believe that the very rich in our society believe you should do this either. Yet, that’s what the President has done, an act of fiscal irresponsibility at best, and insanity at worst.

You figure it out for yourself. Look at the above and it equals a failed Presidency. All of this from a man who has never once consulted his father as to what he should do about Iraq. Both men have stated that they have not talked about it. This is a President that still can’t talk about issues, or give even a minor speech without READING the entire prewritten document. He is that uncomfortable in his own skin. How will we survive another two years of this kind of leadership?

Richard Stoyeck

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Start Your Work At Home Business

Starting a business is almost never easy.

To make your business profitable over a long period of time is even harder if you do not know how. Statistics show that about 90 percent of businesses fold up within five years of their inception.

The reason for this is because these businesses simply were not planned out as well as they should have been.

If you really want to start your own work at home business, you will have to lay out good and careful plans from the very beginning.

There is a law that every businessman and entrepreneur should take to heart and learn. It is called Murphys Law. It clearly states that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

While this law is not ironclad (which is bizarre, since they call it a law), it certainly makes a valid point.

Life is inherently uncertain, and the business sphere is as unpredictable as any other area in our lives.

This means, in effect, that you must prepare for anything. Within reason, of course. Be prepared to face anything though.

When you are starting to work a home business, beware of becoming too optimistic about your chances. You must be aware that business competition on the internet is just as tough as the competition off of it.

You will have an edge by believing you can compete and always making an effort to do so.

Thus, you must search and find an advantage that you can exploit. A competitive point that you can profit from and build on.

You can only achieve this through careful and thoughtful planning.

clarify your thinking. Focus and write key points down.

From the very beginning of your venture, determine exactly what you are bringing to the table.

Would you like to sell a product as an affiliate, or through your own web site, provide a service, or advertise?

Will you be producing your own goods and services, which I do not recommend at first, or will you be promoting the web site or products of someone else?

These are all critical questions and they must be answered from the outset.

Unless you are intensely clear on what you want to do, you are going to get lost along the way.

You must learn to focus and not get distracted. This is a great personal tool to learn.

identify the obstacles, as they will surely show up, that will get in your way. There will be many, big and small!

This might range from deeply personal reasons such as not having enough time to work, count on this one if you are working at a job.

Others will be industry wide problems like product differentiation or payment methods.

Even if everyone seems to have the same problem, make an effort to see possible solutions and you may be able to come up with a unique solution and build a reputation fast.

Just because everyone else cannot do it does not mean that you cannot. Believe in yourself.

Before you decide on a particular work at home business, be sure to read up on the current trends. Surf the net. Enter keywords in search and Google and study the situation well.

If you are prepared to succeed, at anything, your chances of making it improve dramatically. If you are prepared to fail you have no chance of succeeding.

plan in advance what you intend to do to get over the obstacles you have identified.

You will learn this from your studies on the internet and from studying your competition.

For example, product differentiation is achieved by intelligent advertising that people can remember.

If you do not have enough time to work at home, you will have to scale back some of your other activities.

If you do your own laundry, for example, and it takes you a couple of hours to clean your clothes, try leaving them off at the laundromat next time.

Another way is to do work loads while the washer and dryer are going at home.

Learn timing and make it a routine to pick up precious hours, in your week, to give you quality time to work your business.

Learn your prime time personal hours when you are at your best. Delegate these hours to be your own and do not answer the phone, or get distracted from anything. Drop dead important.

Do your most critical activities at this time. This will accelerate your progress.

Similarly, do not make critical decisions when you are tired or depressed from a long, hard or bad day. Your judgment will be way too weak.

This is very important for you to know and understand. Being tired makes cowards of us.

This will free up a few critical quality hours of your time.

Try to find similar mundane activities that you can outsource so you can concentrate on the job that only you can do.

By treating your work at home business, as a business and getting off on the right concentration foot everyday, you will drastically improve your chances of success.

Make an effort to make as many as ten shrewd decisions every day for best results.

James Lowe

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Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, P.c. Has a Long History of Success in Advising Family Businesses

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To that end, TBHR has been an active member and supporter of several family business-based organizations, including the Family Firm Institute’s New England Chapter, and also the Family Business Association, Inc., an organization established to recognize excellence in Massachusetts family businesses.

One of the cornerstones of TBHR’s business is counseling family businesses in the day-to-day running of their organization, and also in the critical and often sensitive area of business succession and estate planning.

Said Edward D. Tarlow, Esq., a Founding Member of TBHR, “Business is all about trends. For the longest time, corporate America was seen as the Goliath, with small family businesses being the perennial Davids. Now, with all the bailouts and difficulties on Wall Street, family businesses have shown resilience that you don’t see in corporate America.” He added, “Mass Truck Body and Trailer, Inc. of Chelsea is one of our family business clients that truly embodies that resilience – in fact, they’ve just recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. It is family businesses such as Mass Truck that will help lay the groundwork for an economic recovery, and their histories are an important part of their current success.”

When Anthony DiRocco and his partners started Mass Truck in a rented tin garage in Everett, the building had dirt floors and no plumbing. To keep warm, they had a fire burning in a barrel, just like you would see in an old 1930’s movie. In 1964, the company moved to its current location at 60 Arlington Street in Chelsea.

In the 1970s, Mass Truck expanded, opening Trailer Equipment, Inc. in the building next door. When, Anthony DiRocco and his original partners parted ways, DiRocco brought his eldest son, John, into the business. Shortly after John joined the Mass Truck, his brother, Mike, started at Trailer Equipment, and their hard work continued this winning combination.

With the sudden passing of Anthony DiRocco in 1987, John DiRocco faced a similar dilemma as his father had faced years earlier: continue the family business, take on new partners, or close up shop. Even though the sacrifices would be many, he opted to continue his father’s legacy of providing affordable truck body and trailer repair, and superior customer service with satisfaction guaranteed. It’s a decision John says he’s never regretted.

Today, with its 12 bays and staff of highly trained, certified truck body service technicians, Mass Truck Body & Trailer, Inc. remains a fixture in the truck parts and repair business, taking a backseat to no other repair shop when it comes to price, quality, or workmanship – something of which Anthony DiRocco would be most proud – as well as for his sons’ sacrifice and hard work.

“The story of family businesses, such as the DiRocco’s and Mass Truck Body & Trailer, is one of the reasons our firm has made advising families and family businesses such a large part of our business law practice. There are not only succession issues to be considered, but also estate planning, taxes, and a host of related corporate issues, as well. We provide the kind of counsel in these areas which can help the family and the business transition smoothly to the next generation, whether that means continuing the business, selling it, or even expanding,” said Tarlow.

About Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C.:

Formed in 1991, Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive legal services to its clients. Featuring a breadth and depth of experience and perspective usually found only at larger law firms, Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers. P.C. offers sophisticated legal counsel to entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, families, and institutions.

Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers’ areas of expertise include corporate law and business transactions, litigation and dispute resolution, estate planning, taxation, real estate, municipal law, and hospitality law.

The offices of Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rodgers, P.C. are located at 101 Huntington Avenue, Prudential Center, in Boston, MA 02199. For additional information, or to arrange for a consultation, please call 1-617-218-2000, e-mail, or visit

Joe D’eramo

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What is the Difference Between Overnight Shipping and 2-3 Business Day Shipping

There are numerous courier services available to anyone looking to mail a parcel of under 70 pounds via traditional methods. The two most commonly used to get packages to their destination quickly is overnight and 2- 3 day business shipping.

Both services cost a bit more than regular shipping and are available to commercial entities and corporations. The service chosen will more than likely depend on when the package needs to be there.

To be sure which option you need, see what each shipping method offers and what they can guarantee prior to shipment.

What is overnight shipping

Also called expedited or air shipping, overnight shipments usually involve a number of transportation methods that enable parcels to arrive at their destination by the next business day. Certain restriction could apply and shipments parameters may be limited to the intercontinental states.

Overnight shipping can be sectioned into two main categories, namely:

• Critical overnight
• Basic overnight

As the title implies, critical overnight shipping is for items that absolutely must reach their destination the following day. This type of method is often more expensive than basic overnight and still may or may not get there by the next day.

Still, by and large, it is the best way to get packages to their destination locations rather quickly and has a higher rate of success.

What are the benefits of overnight shipping

Overnight shipping can come with several different options, including Saturday service, COD (cash on delivery), signature options and request to keep the box at the delivery site for pick up.

What is 2-3 day shipping

Usually called priority shipping, 2-3 day business shipping is fast and affordable. For those with growing business concerns, 2-3 day priority mailing can be utilized for documents, files and all manner of business related packaging.

Far more economical than overnight shipping, 2-3 day air is most often employed on a regular basis, with overnight being the option for parcels that have to be in another city the next day. Since most packages are not that urgent, 2-3 day air is an extremely viable choice for any business.

What are the benefits of 2-3 day shipping

2-3 day business shipping has a variety of pluses that makes it desirable choice for day to day shipping.

Among the many bonuses are:

•Flat rate envelopes for domestic and international shipping. Just be sure that the desired contents fit and the package and weigh less than 70 pounds.

•Two day shipping items can be delivered to PO boxes, mail slots and mailboxes.

•Saturday delivery options available

•Delivery and signature confirmation also available

•Packages can be delivered certified mail

•The ability to customize your shipping choice also makes this an extremely desirable shipping method.

When assessing your packages be sure you know what service route you need to take to get your item to its destination point on time.

Insuring your packages

Just because these options come with guarantees doesn’t mean the package itself is protected. If your package is valuable or fragile, it may pay to insure it. Insurance on such shipments are usually negligible and may be well worth the extra cost.

Ask about this option when looking into overnight or 2-3 day business shipping.

Commercial pricing

Special bulk rates for businesses that tend to ship in bulk continuously may apply. To learn more, locate carrier services that provide both overnight and 2-3day shipping options.

Locating the right carrier agency

There are many shipping companies available but not all are made the same.

Reputation means a lot, so if you are thinking about using overnight business or two to three day business shippers, thoroughly investigate them to see what they offer and if they have a good name.

Taking these steps enable you to take care of your business shipping effectively and efficiently for years to come.

A Nutt

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The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was born on 9 January 1913 in Yorba Linda, Orange County, California. He won scholarships to both Harvard and Yale but due to lack of finances he was forced to decline them. He instead enrolled in a local Quaker college, Whittier College where he was a model student. In 1934 he graduated second in his class and entered Duke University School of Law, North Carolina. He returned to California in 1937 and was admitted to the Bar, working for the law offices of Wingert and Bewley, he became a full partner in the firm in 1938. He was commissioned in the United States Navy in August 1942, he was assigned as the naval passenger control officer for the South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command. He received two service stars, although he did not see any combat action; he made lieutenant commander in October 1945 and resigned his commission on 1 January 1946. He ran for and was elected to the Unites States House of Representatives in the November 1946 elections. He first came to national recognition when his investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) broke the impasse in the Alger Hiss case. Nixon became polarised in the American consciousness, he was a hero to Roosevelt’s enemies but an enemy to Rossevelt’s supporters because Hiss had been an advisor to FDR. In the 1950 elections, Nixon was elected to the Senate defeating the Democratic representative in a historic landslide. Due to his strong anti-communist stance, Eisenhower selected him to be the Vice-Presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in July 1952.

During the campaign he was accused by the New York Post of accepting private donations, a claim that he strenuously denied. The Republicans won the ticket, Nixon broadened the scope of the post. In 1960, he launched his campaign for President of the United States of America. His Democratic challenger was John F. Kennedy. The race was close, becoming defined by the first televised presidential debates, Nixon was recovering from illness and appeared uncomfortable in comparison to the composed JFK, however many people listening on radio considered Nixon to be the winner. Kennedy amid accusations of electoral fraud, won with the most meagre of margins. Nixon returned to California, practiced law and wrote the best selling political memoir Six Crises. He ran for Governor of California in 1962, losing to Pat Brown and leading to many to write off his political career. However, he re -entered the arena, throwing his hat into the ring for the 1968 Presidential campaign. He modelled himself as a figure of stability, appealing to socially conservative Americans, pitting himself against the hippie counterculture, he won the nomination. He then attacked the Democrats on charges of allowing the United States to lose their nuclear superiority, he also promised that he would end the Vietnam War. He won, completing a memorable comeback from the political wilderness. He set out to develop relations with China, pursue arms control agreements with the Soviet Union, activate a peace process in the Middle East, ensure that US inflation was curbed and implement welfare reform. However, his most pressing task was to tackle the Vietnam War.

He approved a secret bombing campaign of Cambodia with the intention of destroying the headquarters of the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam. He followed this with implementing the Nixon doctrine, which was a strategy of replacing American troops with Vietnamese troops in Vietnam. His further bombing campaigns in Laos and Cambodia led to widespread protests at home. He was re-elected President in the 1972 campaign in one of the biggest landslides in American political history. Nixon had an aggressive foreign policy that included successes with the Soviet Union, China and the Middle East but he was dogged by a weak national economy and domestic protests over the continued war in Vietnam. After his 1972 re-election, his administration was consumed by the Watergate scandal, named after the hotel and office complex where burglars hired by Nixon’s re-election campaign were caught in a sloppy attempt to bug the offices of the Democratic National Convention. Nixon played down the scandal as mere politics and his administration denounced the story as misleading, however the FBI confirmed the allegations, senior aides began resigning and many faced prosecution. Losing political support by the day and facing almost certain impeachment, Nixon resigned his post on August 9, 1974; however, he never admitted to criminal wrongdoing, only conceding he made errors of judgment. On 8 September, 1974 President Ford granted an absolute pardon to Nixon, ending any possibility of indictment. Nixon moved back to California to write his memoirs and was variously consulted on a private basis by his successors but his standing as a disgraced President continued to dog him.

In 1977, he began to embark on a public relations comeback effort, meeting with British journalist David Frost who paid him six hundred thousand dollars for a series of sit-down interviews. The first of his ten books that he authored in his retirement was published at this time, enabling Nixon to emerge from his seclusion to embark on book tours. He later embarked on tours to Egypt, Soviet Union, Japan and China. He gained respect as an elder statesman in the arena of foreign affairs and was consulted by both Democratic and Republican successors to the Presidency. No American President served as long in national office as Nixon did, he appeared on the Republican party’s Presidential ticket five times, secured the Republican nomination three times and was elected twice to the office of President and Vice-President. Along with Ronald Reagan, he was the chief builder of the modern Republican party. He was instrumental in expelling the Soviet Union from the Middle East, he initiated formal relations with China and improved relations with the Soviet Union. Domestically he decentralised government by revenue sharing, ended school segregation, ended the gold standard, reduced the crime rate and pioneered environmental policies. However, his policies in Vietnam remain contentious; his principal electoral mandate had been to end the war. He did authorise the gradual withdrawal of the 500,000 American troops from South Vietnam but the war continued to drag on. Some assert that Nixon sold out the South Vietnamese government, others argue that his he needlessly prolonged the war by negotiating conditions that were advantageous to United States objectives that never has any possibility of being achieved.

Russell Shortt

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