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Critical Thinking for Children – 1. Introduction

This instructional video was created from the Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking for Children by the Foundation for Critical Thinking. There are 5 Parts to this video (including the introduction) that teaches the concepts of fair-minded critical thinking to children. Although intended for K-6 audiences, even adults can learn from and enjoy this video.
Part 1 Introduction (this video)
Part 2 Three Kinds of thinkers
Part 3 What is Critical Thinking? (standards)
Part 4 The Parts of Thinking
Part 5 Intellectual Virtues

Duration : 0:1:55

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Red State Rising is an advanced team of College Republican leaders seeking election to lead CCR during the 2009-2010 academic year. We stand for follow through with commitments to our fellow CRs vis-à-vis growing College Republican membership activism at the campus level, organizational transparency through improved communication methods, and resorting back to the basics of Republican ideals by preserving our good name and promoting the fundamental principles of the party. Additionally we must renew our commitment to CCRs founding objectives by being responsibly and readily available for our statewide and local Republican candidates in need. From this point forward we MUST chose objectively the races to which we send our resources. We exist for the greater conservative effort. Therefore CCRs leadership must reflect that we not only know how to show up and campaign for Republicans, but that we do it effectively and to the end we all need.

Duration : 0:9:4

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Happy Fathers Day
Welcome to Fathers Day Gift Ideas!
Summer is definitely among us and what better way to spend your time outdoors than with a new Digital Camera or Camcorder capturing your favorite moments.

Duration : 1 min 59 sec

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