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What was the slogan for the conservative party in canada in 1938?

i really need all the help you can give me on assignment is due on friday.can you tell me anything about the conservative party in 1938?

"One nation, one flag, one leader"

The first incarnations of the Conservative Party in Canada were quite different from the Conservative Party of today, especially on economic issues. The early Conservatives were known to espouse economic protectionism and British imperialism, by emphasizing Canada’s ties to the United Kingdom while vigorously opposing free trade with the United States; free trade being a policy which, at the time, had strong support from the ranks of the Liberal Party of Canada. The Conservatives also sparred with the Liberal Party due to its connections with French Canadian nationalists including Henri Bourassa who wanted Canada to distance itself from Britain, and demanded that Canada recognize that it had two nations, English Canada and French Canada, connected together through a common history. The Conservatives would go on with a popular slogan "one nation, one flag, one leader" and supported policies such as the assimilation of French Canadians, aboriginals, and immigrants. – WIKIPEDIA – Under predecessors:

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Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann remember Tim Russert

Tim Russert dies, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann share memories.
Chris Matthews’s anecdote about talking to his colleague in the run-up to the Iraq war was interpreted by several conservative blogs as an “anti-war screed,” as Ed Morrissey put it. The “Hardball” host said Mr. Russert believed that the potential of nuclear weapons in Iraqi hands could justify an invasion. “Even worse,” Mr. Morrissey writes, “he made Russert out to be a dupe bamboozled by the Bush administration while presenting himself as a superior journalist.”

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Mission Critical – Hidden Areas of Infection

Reusable vs Disposable medical equipment

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Which law schools have the best programs in constitutional law?

I’m planning on applying to law school this fall, and I’m wanting to take alot of courses on con-law. I know obviously the top tier schools like Harvard, Columbia, Yale, etc are all going to have good constitutional law programs but what other schools have good programs, and where could I find a rankings system for particular types of specializations rather than just the best law schools.

US news compiles rankings of each law school total, as well as specialties. You would probably have to either pay online for that info, or you can go to a bookstore and thumb through their guide to law schools, they release it every year, and it will have all of that great stuff in it.

Really, if you go to any law school you should be able to take classes on con law, other than just the required classes you have to take. Stanford, from what I hear, also is pretty good. If you are looking at con law, is it for civil rights? You can go to a lot of good schools that aren’t top 10 and work in the public sector. However, if you have loftier goals like working as a judge, etc, you want to go to one of the top 10 ranked schools. Keep in mind that you can always contact the admissions office for information about classes they offer.

I assume you are putting in your applications this fall to start in fall of 2007?? Because if you are applying for this fall, all the spots are likely filled. But if you get your apps in in October in the early admissions period, you have a better chance for getting into the school you want.

Keep in mind that you may change your mind about what kind of law you want to get into once you are in law school. You can’t even choose your classes the first year, you are taking all required classes. So look into overall qualities of schools, not just the con law program for your decision. Good luck with your applications!!

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Rushing Commencement

What every graduating student should hear.

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what would you be saying if Obama bought some conservative news reporters to Iraq.?

Would you be complaing that he is trying to prove how unbiased he is??

would any of you be in support of him doing that?

First of all, let me get this straight. Conservative news reporters, or Talking Heads? And if you say Bill (I got Peas on my body) O’rielly or Limbaugh ha ha. Please share!

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Posted by mark - November 7, 2012 at 9:27 am

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