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Mattress Money – the Wave of the Future ?

We are all relieved the unlamented year 2008 is past. It was a brutally rough year, seismic even.

The US stock market went through its worst year since the Great Depression. The Dow fell 33.8 percent, the worst annual decline second only to the 52.7 percent drop in 1931. The S&P500 lost 38.5 percent, just a shade better than its 38.6 percent decline back in 1937. The scope and extent of wealth destruction is just incomprehensible.

The government finally acknowledged in December 2008 that the economy had been in recession since December 2007. The question is: How long will this recession last? Some say 10 months; others say longer.

The Great Depression began August 1929 and did not end until 43 months later. How will things be in 2009? Perhaps, there is some comfort to be taken in the fact that the 11 recessions after the Second World War lasted only about 10 months on the average.

Only one thing is certain: each new day will mean one day closer to recovery. Prosperity will always come again, once said John D. Rockefeller.

For those who have some money left to invest, a conservative approach and a diversified portfolio may help reduce the anxiety of uncertainty. Some possibilities:

1. Corporate bonds
There is expert consensus that investment-grade corporate bonds may be a good bet for the year. Corporate debt is currently priced at a huge discount. Once institutional investors open up to more risk, the prices for bonds issued by the top-rated companies are likely to rise. These days, corporate bond yields are several notches higher than Treasury bonds.

2. US stocks
When you`re brave enough to venture again into stocks, consider that US stocks may be in a better position to rebound than international stocks. The federal government has been bolder in its response to the crisis. Industries primarily targeted by the bailouts and the incoming administration`s promise of massive spending will be the best bets. This means companies in construction, alternative energy, and technology for productivity.  Larger cap companies or small cap banks that derive their revenues mostly from within the US are recommended.

3. TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Security)
TIPS may be in if (or when) inflation comes. During these days of recession, deflation is the main worry. But with government set to spend a lot of money on its proposed $800 billion stimulus package, inflation may strike sooner than you think. When it does, the perfect inflation fighter is TIPS.

4. Companies with necessities
In a period where people buy only what they need, the companies that serve these needs are likely to perform better. Companies like Wal-Mart, the master of low-price goods, Procter & Gamble, or pharmaceuticals like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Merck are good defensive stocks. Consumer staples like food and beverages will continue to be bought, benefiting companies like General Mills.

5. Municipal bonds
Like corporate bonds, muni-bonds have seen heavily discounted prices — making their yields more attractive. The added incentive is that these bonds are tax exempt. Pick very carefully and look for the more reliable bond issuers.

6. Cash-rich market leaders
Financially sound companies who are market leaders in their industries may be poised to take advantage as economic recovery gets underway. Companies with ample cash flow are most attractive, as this will help them hold out better during this downturn.

7. Dependable dividends
In hard times, it is best to invest in something that provides predictable dividend income. The more dependable sources of dividends are stocks from telecoms companies and utilities.

8. Healthcare firms
Over the years, healthcare stocks have delivered the best values and robust earnings growth. Healthcare reform is not about to impair the industry, even as it seeks to lower healthcare costs and widen access. Old reliables are the giants Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer, Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb.

9. Oil recovers
Oil prices have soared high to a peak of $147 and plunged low to around $40 on fears that demand will drop as the world economy shrinks. But emerging economies like India and China will continue to fuel demand, especially as they recover. Prices may go back up and stabilize around $80 or so — benefiting stock prices of oil companies like Exxon and Chevron.

10.  Gold shines
Like oil, gold prices surged to $1000 per ounce and fell back to $720. But gold and precious metals have always been considered safe havens and 2009 is likely to see price trends going up.


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Did you know that even conservative thinkers can be affected by Accutane usage?

There is a drug that has been used as an acne treatment that was used by many people for years. This product was supposed to be prescribed for severe cases of acne. The problem is it was used by many at the recommendation of their doctor for mild acne cases. If your doctor prescribed its usage you would, like most people, have felt it was safe to do so. The problem is the risks far outweighed the benefits.
There has been a correlation between the use accutane and ulcerative colitis and this is just the beginning. There is a list of side effects from Accutane usage. The side effects include Alopecia, depression, suicidal tendencies, birth defects, miscarriages, joint pain, and dry mucus membranes just to name a few. This is a list shows why Accutane should only to be used for severe cases. If you are a part of a growing group of people who have been affected by this drug you need to seek professional help.
How do you feel about the medication you were given? Have you seen any of the ads or TV? Were you aware of the dangerous side effects? Go to and you will see you are not alone.

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CR Promo Video

Come join the CUA College Republicans for a fun filled year, full of exciting events as we help advance conservative republican ideals on campus and around the country.

Duration : 0:5:9

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Obama Is Coming, Clear The Way!

“Obama biro, yawne yo!” (Obama is coming, clear the way)—Tens of thousands of cheering Luo “Tribesmen” and ululating women screamed as they welcomed Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) back to his father’s ancestral land—Nyangoma Kogelo village in Luo Land, Western Kenya, several weeks ago.

In a matter of hours Obama had soared to unprecedented political prominence in Kenya, eclipsing a bunch of corrupt and heartless nincompoops—The (Mt. Kenya Mafia), who are ruthlessly grinding beautiful Kenya to the ground.

The only difference between the Mt. Kenya Mafia and the current U.S. Republican administration, is that the former have brought Kenya down to it’s “Economic Knees,” while it’s virtually impossible for George Bush’s government to bring down the mighty economy of the United States, no matter how much they misappropriate it’s coffers by way of inflated Iraq reconstruction contracts or Katrina FEMA trailers. Otherwise both groups employ similar schemes – exploiting and manipulating ethnic (racial) intolerance and promoting rampant corruption—a bunch of “cold-blooded” louts.

The six year cesspool of a mess presided over by the Bush administration might not be in vain after all. It has made America hungry for a messenger with a message of hope.

In the NBC “Meet The Press” interview of Sunday 22nd October, I watched Senator Obama intimate that—based on the responses he has been receiving across the country, he is considering running for the presidency of The United States in 2008.

What impressed me most about him is how he tackled the question regarding his previous assertion in 2004—that he would complete his six year Senate term and not run for President in 2008: “I have thought about the possibility, but I have not thought about it with the seriousness and depth I think is required,” Obama said. “My main focus is on 2006, and making sure that we re-take the Congress. After November 7th, I will sit down and consider it.”

Unlike the shifty, programmed, and selfishly partisan politicians I am used to watching on Sunday morning political TV, Barack Obama countered Tim Russert’s questions with poise, spontaneity and most important, he seemed very genuine.

In a political system muddied and tainted by arrogance, corruption and incompetence, watching and listening to Obama is inordinately refreshing.

In Obama I see an intelligent and capable man, unlike the current President who constantly reminds me of an unprepared and confused “open book, open notes” exam taker, badly rehearsed and totally incapable of articulating his views without the stewardship of his father’s cronies, Karl Rove his “Political Architect” and a bone breaking conglomeration of “Hyena” special interest groups.

Obama’s apparent good human qualities added to the fact that he is a great American story, makes the Senator a very attractive prospect for the ultimate prize in politics—The Presidency of The United States.

Is Obama Presidential material?

Many cite his lack of political experience, claiming his resume is too thin for a run at the Presidency. I disagree and here is why:

1. Unlike other black leaders, Obama doesn’t grind “white noses” in Racism, and at the same time he is a symbol of hope to millions of dis-affected blacks and other minorities.

Judging by his Senatorial election win of a 70% majority, Obama has proven that he is a very powerful vote magnet across racial lines. He has established an “inclusive” track record that would be vital in a presidential election if he decides to run. His candidacy would draw out millions of dormant black voters thus making the Democratic candidacy more viable.

On the flipside, we all know that there are some whites such as the right wing gutter constituents of con-man Rush Limbaugh, who will forever embrace Racism and will never accept a black president. A President Obama would mark the beginning of the placement this irritant breed to the fringes of political obscurity.

2. He is NOT a bumbling idiot, appears humble and has not been tainted with partisan politics. Perhaps even more important is that he is a confident intellectual, which I think is a necessary pre-requisite for handling the complex issues of the highest political office in the world.

3. The last Republican President who had some smarts was the foul-mouthed bigot—Richard Milhouse Nixon, who engineered his own downfall with a lethal concoction of homophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-black and “Communist Paranoia.” As a matter of fact Nixon’s political career spanned three decades of scare mongering, witch-hunts and dirty tricks, the same tactics that have been successfully deployed by the current administration over the last six years.

All others after him have been bumbling buffoons with slight exceptions in George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Reagan the Serial Liar who made Americans feel good about themselves, was not only ill informed but partially senile towards the end of his second term – not particularly smart, but a great “Political Actor,” whose major achievements included presiding over the disintegration of the Soviet Empire (which was inevitable anyway), misuse of the World Bank and funding of CIA death squads to safeguard the corporate thievery by US multinational companies in Latin American countries…. and the worst in my opinion; propping the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa.

The “Great Communicator” was just another Republican crook!

Bill Clinton and John Kennedy did not have that much experience. Abraham Lincoln ran after two years in the House, Woodrow Wilson after two years as governor, and Franklin D. Roosevelt & Jimmy Carter after four years as governor.

Perhaps Dr. Martin Luther King summed it up best in his “The Drum Major Instinct” sermon delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, February 4, 1968 – He said: “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve…. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. And you can be that servant,” qualities that are thoroughly lacking in the Republican base – the “self-chosen” people of “Faith.”

If the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, a very polarizing Democrat, the Republican smear spigots will spill out of control and flood the whole country to an extent that the Katrina calamity will look like a storm in a teacup. On the other hand, an Obama nomination would fuel vicious racial and below the belt “Nyangau” attacks from the right wing, like the slime being spewed by Republican troglodytes against black Democrat Harold Ford Jr. in the Tennessee, or by incumbent Senator George “Macaca” Allen in Virginia.

I wonder if Senator Obama has the stomach for such personal and racist attacks—a GOP staple!

Colin Powell assessed these circumstances in 2000 and chickened out, and subsequently dimmed his star serving in this ham-fisted administration for four years before being pushed out in favor of “yes-woman” Condoleezza Rice. It is rumored that he feared political assassination.

Will Obama follow through or is his potential candidacy just hype?

It is time for America to put it’s Racist legacy behind it, to re-assess its future, and take a closer look at this rising star, for I think Barack Obama is ready—to cleanse the “maligned” soul of America.

James Opiko

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A Newer Deal: Please Protect Us From our Corporations

Philosopher P.J. Proudhon posed this rhetorical question: What is the aim…of our large capitalist organizations…,” and answered, “The bank should help the tenant farmer to own his land, and the educator should remove himself from the school to give students back their minds.” Proudhon’s answer implies a socially conscious corporation; one that exists for the betterment and comfort of the individual. In Proudhon’s world, the corporation exists for the individual and not the other way around.

I submit that this type of corporation rarely exists in America today. Certainly a fair amount of duplicitous propaganda from the top/down has contributed to the average American’s fear of anything that is termed social or for the social well being. Through this individualistic rhetorical subterfuge, corporate power has not only been maintained but has expanded; ironic that even the term corporation suggests a social welfare for all those that find themselves within the inner sanctum of The Corporation.

Unfortunately, the majority of individuals in America find themselves on the outside of corporate America. We are all influenced by corporations but there is a difference between being used by corporations and using them for our own interests. I would be so bold as to make the populist claim that the majority of citizens feel used by corporations and that our ability to use corporations for our own purposes have been limited.

Two questions must therefore be considered: 1). How have individuals been limited under the law and corporations bolstered, and 2). What can individuals do to reclaim their authority? Firstly, individual power has been limited by U.S courts granting corporations the constitutional protection of personhood. On one hand corporations are protected by legal rights that originally applied to individuals, on the other hand individuals within corporations are emboldened to act immorally (without considering the negative impact on their communities) because responsibility is deflected to The Corporation (“It’s The Corporation’s fault, not mine”).

Secondly, what can we do about it? The answer seems to be twofold and neither is an easy path to victory. Individuals need to increase their consciousness, becoming increasingly aware of where their capital goes and therefore influencing corporations toward a more reciprocal relationship accordingly. Also, individuals within a democracy can urge the state to protect individual liberties. President Theodore Roosevelt maintained that “it is evident that the state, and if necessary the nation, has got to possess the right of supervision and control as regards the great corporations which are its creatures.”

Individuals need to communicate with each other in order to combat the corporate propaganda machine that is often times supported by the state. We have a difficult task ahead: changing our minds to change our realities when the corporate world is doing everything in its power to keep its own unbridled growth as the norm. Individuals have a right to grow as well. We just need to stand up together and not be afraid.

Kevin Del Principe

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Employment Discrimination Cases – Framing The Law And Fighting!

The discrimination in employment has been an issue that has hit many Americans. The civil rights act, coined during 1964 helped the African Americans gain their rights and this included the title VII which is really famous and prohibits any employer from discriminating any person on the grounds of religion, sex, or origin. Since then, many discrimination cases have come into the constitution that have changed all the laws related to employment, and they have changed the way the supreme court sees any case of employment discrimination. Here are some of the cases that were taken up by Supreme Court, and that have been responsible for today’s laws shaping up.

The first case of employment discrimination was for the Griggs V Duke Power Company, which took place during the year 1971, and was the first step to victory for the African Americans. The court dismissed the case saying that it is atrocious to expect a certain level of educational qualification that should be met, even though they had nothing to do with the job that was going to be provided. These tests till then were mainly focused to reject the African Americans who came for employment.

The next discrimination case was a victory for teachers who were pregnant, in the year 1974 – Cleveland Board of Education. At that point of time, the schools were very strict when it came to giving maternity leave for the teachers who were pregnant. The school followed the policy of giving a five month long maternity leave, during which period, the teachers would go unpaid, and they were not allowed to come back to school till their kids turned at least three months old, and they were not taken in the mid of the semester, they had to wait till the next semester to start before they can get back to work. The chesterfield county school was even worse, which did not let the teacher comeback if that academic year started off. The court dismissed such practices, and this rule let the teachers work just as they used to. And, all the school boards were put to shame by the court for this unfair practice.

Most of the cases registered have a sexual nature. In the year 1986, Meritor Savings Bank was scrutinized, due to the hostile environment that was inflicted on several workers there, and it was in the form of sexual harassment. The title VII covered any such acts of sexual harassment on the workers, and this was helpful in putting to shame several places like Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Serv., Inc. in the year 1987, and Faragher v. City of Boca Raton in the year 1988.

Abhishek Agarwal

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