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As a moderate, McCain could bring Democratic and Republican ideals with him?;_ylt=AlwJDi7iwjdExV.fYIpmkvhh24cA

Since McCain is a moderate, he could bring both conservative and liberal ideals with him. He was also one of the group in the Senate who pledged to see that filibusters on judicial candidates not happen. He has also said he is not for pork barrel spending, which is something we democrats will unfortunately see.

So after analyzing above statments and above link,
do we want to elect an absolute liberal who is going to bring back the Republican-Democrat War back in Congress or a Moderate who is willing to listen to both sides and let them have to say.

My opinion is that we elect a moderate,so that way we are guaranteed of legislation being passed that will help jump start our country.

McSame in political disguise.

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Posted by mark - February 28, 2014 at 10:36 pm

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A Tribute To Ben Franklin – MasterMind Person of the Year!

The votes have been tallied and we are most pleased to report that Ben Franklin, creator of the Junto, has just received the MasterMind Worldwide Person of the Year Award!

The Marvelous Power of the MasterMind

MasterMind is a technique that many of us use in our everyday life without even realizing it.

A few examples of MasterMind groups are: a company Board of Directors, the Presidents Cabinet, a church board of deacons and/or elders, the U.S. Congress, a school PTA, a family strategy meeting or a business brainstorming session.

There are many, many more. Most MasterMind groups do not have the word “MasterMind” in their name.

Ben Franklin was one of America’s most remarkable founding fathers. In addition to flying a kite during a lightning storm, he is remembered for being many things – a scientist, inventor, diplomat, humorist, business strategist, author, publisher and creator of the Junto.

Improving our World

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin and 12 of his friends formed the Junto – a club dedicated to mutual improvement. They shared a desire to improve themselves, their community, and to help others.

The Junto is recognized as the first MasterMind group organized in America and probably one of the earliest ones in the history of the world.

Take Advantage of the Power

He called it the Junto (which is Latin for “meeting”) or the Leather Apron Club. At their meetings, they would debate questions of morals, politics, and natural philosophy and discuss business and other important topics of the day.

Using the remarkable creativity and power of the MasterMind during these weekly sessions, they made their world a better place.

Variety is the Spice of Life

The members of the Junto, pronounced who-n-toe, were drawn from a wide variety of occupations and backgrounds, including printers, surveyors, a cabinetmaker, a cobbler, a clerk, and a merchant.

Diversity leads to Dividends

The diversity of their backgrounds, combined with sharing the seasoned wisdom, knowledge and experience of the members during each Junto MasterMind session led to many marvelous, productive and profitable ideas.

Two Hundred Eighty Years of Success!

Many things that resulted directly from those early MasterMind sessions of Ben Franklin’s Junto are still in existence today.

The Junto gave us our first public library, the first public hospital, volunteer fire departments, police departments, paved streets, the University of Pennsylvania and more.

John Dealey–mastermind-person-of-the-year-124158.html

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Posted by mark - February 26, 2014 at 9:24 pm

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Glenn Beck – End of Days?

crappy quality but…there you go…

Duration : 41 min 2 sec

Read more…

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Posted by mark - February 24, 2014 at 8:37 pm

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 Linda Napikeski
 Self Evolution?  Worst Local Band Ever?  Yes, I was there … ‘Self Indulgent’ Crap!  
 Gawd what a feeling of entitlement – yes, yes it’s going to be this group that changes the world – emptying bars since …200?  
 it appears there is not any end to the die hard try seriously revolution as in’Self Evolution.’
 How long have these blokes been around and who the hell booked them?  
 Grown guys that clearly have 3 clean shirts, a three chord repertoire, one pair of sneakers and NO fiances.  
 Here they are going jumping around like they actually believe people are paying attention – with rehearsed synchronized deouche-bagery.  
 A stiff drink might ease the pain – I order my usual Cesar now a triple and count backwards from 10.  People shuffle distressingly.  
 the singer stretches to reach a note that African camels occasionally make, shaking and slithering around the mic like autistic kid.  
 Yes, monotone had a new color today and it is black with envy.  The band grins with’Self Satisfaction’ – in an exceedingly’Self Masterbative’ way.  
 the remainder of the group probably spends alot of time in the mirror and little really practicing anything aside from hip + step movements.  
 The classic thirty something ( and ) mohawk sparkles off one of the guitar players heads – slicing thru the monotony and reminding you
 he’s not 38 – and his time is still coming.  A bald neo-nazi disaster from the bass concentration camps survives yet one more potential train wreck.  
 The drummer drums on a song that should never have been written.  Something about fifteen mins of celebrity – who gave them that long?  Release the hounds!  
 A lonesome girl sways stage front with a similar clumsy shimmy.  I  ‘m a woman and there is nothing intriguing, horny, or engaging here.  
 she has to be’hearing with her heart.’ that’s so sweet.  Maybe she seen one of the You Tubes of an empty bar and needed to fill that lonesome space?  
 of course I only looked online after my soul was stained by the toughened fact – that these folk essentially take themselves seriously.  
 Why would you put You Tube Material if you totally suck – wouldn’t you want to hide everything until you get a pay cheque?  
 Yup, in the digital world you get bombarded by message after message to’come check us out, we are dynamic, big things are happening!’
 you finish up in some scummy bar smothered in a sense of’Self Mutilation’ – do they not hear themselves?  Could be better to delete the next 1000 messages
 from these guys – unless of course the final show involves nooses and Russian roulette solos for each member and fan for that matter.  
 Ever since I was a cheerleader for a major soccer team I have dealt with over enthusiastic’Self Satisfied’ quaterbacks, coaches, sportscasters you mention it.  
 Ive reviewed dozens of real bands and to hear the band banter about their future brings tears of laughter and agony for all of the real proficient artists in the world.  
 May they never hear your cry …  Ugh shriek – whatever you call it.  
 Dear’ Self Evolution‘ ; while you are out changing the world could you take a picture of paint drying – that way when i am absent you may know what i would rather be watching.  
 Why don’t you practice Playstation games or something with some promise?  Where is the barkeeper is playing the slots too?  Snap!  This better be a free show for everybody else.  
 Linda Napikeski
 10/10 suck stars
 9/10 puke points
 Linda Napikoski.

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Posted by Kayra - February 23, 2014 at 8:21 pm

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how did the spoild system lead to government corruption and government reform?

Carter started the minority lending act, Clinton made it worse. They gave some congressmen total power in the guise of helping minorities and it backfired. Lesson, don’t try to socially engineer the economy

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Posted by mark - February 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm

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Which primary candidate (from this list of 7) best matches the republican ideals?

From this list of 7 candidates from the primaries 2008 please tell me who do you think is the best match to republican ideals, the best symbol of the party?

-John McCain
-Mike Huckabee
-Mitt Romney
-Ron Paul
-Fred Thompson
-Duncan Hunter
-Rudy Juliani

Note I am not asking who you prefer, but if you want to tell me who you prefer you can do that too
Sorry i forgot one
-Tom Tancredo

( i dunno why he was not on this list i found, if you know why lemme know)
Is going to war -or Irak war- a republican value? Because RonPaul does NOT want to stay in Irak (unlike Mitt and Huck i think)
So far big preference for HUCK…
Hopefully he can come back to possibly revigorize the party

I really respect and like Mitt Romney and would have supported and voted for him. I probably would have voted for Ron Paul also.

I like and respect Mike Huchabee, too. But feel his religious beliefs would get in the way of him being a fair-minded president. To me he is a Republican version of Jimmy Carter, a good man who shouldn’t have been president.

Fred Thompson? Forget him. I think he’s a self-serving hypocrite.

I really don’t know enough about Duncan Hunter yet but I’ll check into him more.

The problem I have with Rudy is the same problem I have with Fred Thompson. I think he’s also a self-serving hypocrite.

In a perfect world I would have both Paul and Romney on the same ticket. They’ll have to fight it out to see who gets top billing.

EDIT: But the real deal, the real truth, is that Republicans are not going to win back either the House or the Senate of the Office Of President unless they move back towards the center. Paul and Romney and perhaps Huckabee can do this for them. If the GOP doesn’t move back towards the center, pick up the moderates again, they just as well give up.

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Posted by mark - February 20, 2014 at 7:51 pm

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