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´´Here is not a place for conservative priests and ministers“. What d´you think about that?

I said that at my blog.
You know, we see many conservative catholic priests and also conservative protestant ministers in gay blogs, gay chats, and gay sites of other kinds. But when they are at their churches, these same people speak against us.
And they say we may go to THEIR churches, but we´re not welcome among them if we´re LGBT people.
So, for us it´s only justice to say the same: they may visit our sites, but they´re not welcome among us.

Your statement is too sweeping.

What about a gay-friendly priest or minister who is conservative on other Christian beliefs, like Jesus’ resurrection, but who is honestly honoring of God’s gay children? Are they not welcome?

If you are speaking only of gay-bashing ministers and priests, I agree with you. But many clergy love God and the Bible, but are gay-friendly.

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Posted by mark - April 30, 2014 at 12:11 pm

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What are some arguments saying that the founding fathers were democratic reformers?

I’m doing a debate in my history class and am looking for some good arguments as to why the founding fathers were democratic reformers. I need information soon.

Our founding fathers did not establish a democracy but a republic. And there is a big difference.

USA has been a great country because it is a republic. Many countries can claim to be democratic, and still have socialist ideas.

The chief characteristic and distinguishing feature of a Democracy is: Rule by Omnipotent Majority. In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.

A Republic purpose is to control The Majority strictly, as well as all others among the people, primarily to protect The Individual’s God-given, unalienable rights, and the liberties of people in general. The definition of a Republic is: a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution with its powers divided between three separate Branches. The people adopt the Constitution as their fundamental law by utilizing a Constitutional Convention to frame it for consideration and approval by them either directly or by their representatives in a Ratifying Convention, similarly chosen.

Our politicians has been destroying our republic, specially Obama has done drastic changes that will make USA a progressive democracy. Very scary.

You can gogle definitions of both terms and get what you need.

In short I will paste here Jefferson, Notes On The State of Virginia: "All the powers of government, legislative, executive, judiciary, result to the legislative body. The concentrating these in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic government. It will be no alleviation that these powers will be exercised by a plurality of hands, and not by a single one. 173 despots would surely be as oppressive as one. Let those who doubt it turn their eyes on the republic of Venice."

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Posted by mark - April 29, 2014 at 11:04 am

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Understanding the Ancient Philosophy of Wing Tsun Kung Fu

The art of Chinese Wing Tsun Kung-Fu was described by the ancient masters as a ‘living philosophy.’

With reaching the highest levels of teaching in Wing Tsun, you will be taught how to understand yourself as well as how to interact with other human beings. Based on the amalgamation of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian principles, the etiquette of Wing Tsun is aimed at enshrining important ideals in its practitioners.

These include a true appreciation of honour, loyalty, dignity, respect for other human beings and control of ones ego, emotions and temper. A person will never master himself without these, or the art of Wing Tsun, as these two are synonymous.

The art is regarded as the noble wing tsun because of these unique characteristics. Student development and progression is the primary goal of Wing Tsun. Indeed, ‘Si-Fu’ means ‘Father-Teacher’, an aknowledgement of the responsiblity of the Master when he accepts someone as his ‘todai’ (son). This in unlike most other Martial Arts, such as Karate where ‘Sensei’ simply means ‘Teacher’.

Wing Tsun also has three sides to it: Physical, Spiritual and Health. It’s regrettably infrequent to find schools to teach these three together. But spiritual guidance and understanding requires a true master, whereas physical techniques can be copied. An important teaching in Wing Tsun is that a student’s persona will develop as the student develops his or her physical techniques.

When you can understand the teachings of current and previous masters, you can and will comprehend the Martial Arts. You need to appreciate the history and the social background to it, for this to be possible. Thus, every part of the martial art that is ignored or changed before it is properly learnt undermines its foundations.

If you take away the culture then you take away the history.

There is no point in learning martial arts without learning its history. What you saw was just a series of moves which neither has any understanding nor any principles. This is not a true martial art.

This need to understand the Martial Art as a whole is no different than if you wished to study for instance the humanities or even law. As Hiliare Barnett, author of the book Constitutional and Administrative Law, states in her work, “to study the UK’s constitution successfully, it is necessary to gain an insight into the history, politics and political philosphy which underpin the constitution, it is an essential component without which the structure, law and policies of the state cannot be understood.”

Julian Hitch

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Posted by mark - April 28, 2014 at 10:35 am

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The Value of an Online Health Management Degree

Online degree programs are now considered on par with regular degrees from traditional colleges. As long as your online health management degree is from a reputable, well-accredited educational institution, you will have no trouble in finding employment.

Here are some of the job avenues open to people with an online health management degree:

Hospital Administrator

Medical Sales Representatives

Clinical Researchers

Medical Consultants

Medical Lawyers

Medical Insurance Agents

Healthcare professionals are in good demand all over the world. They receive high salaries – around $75,140 and up annually, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics – and enjoy many other work benefits as well as job security.

There are many complex factors involved in the Healthcare Industry and knowing how to deal with and manage all these is extremely crucial. Here your online health management degree will stand you in good stead.

The value of an Online health management degree is as follows:

Online degree programs offer a good amount of flexibility, so you can take courses without disrupting your regular schedule. Since you can complete the health management degree entirely online, you don’t have to spend time and money in commuting either. You can complete the course at your own pace or accelerate and finish earlier.

Online degree programs, since they are to be largely tackled on your own, will help develop self-discipline, critical thinking, and comprehension skills. The online health management degree course you take will also in all likelihood polish your management and organizational abilities. All this will come in handy in the job market later on. Given the important nature of their work, healthcare professionals are necessarily required to be very competent and confident.

Online degree programs will equip you with current information related to the healthcare industry, good business skills, and give you some much-needed experience in working with the latest computer software and hardware. Most healthcare organizations nowadays have gone digital and your acquaintance with advanced computer technology will be a plus.

There probably will be students from all around the world taking the health management degree online with you and interacting with them on a regular basis will give you an insight into their social and cultural mores. Knowing how to relate to and interact with different individuals from diverse backgrounds is of immense help when it comes to overlooking the day to day running of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations.

Namita Awasthi

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Posted by mark - April 27, 2014 at 10:33 am

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If the expansion of government is the restriction of freedom why does the Health Care reform bill create 118?

If the expansion of government is the restriction of freedom why does the Health Care reform bill create 118 NEW Government agencies?

oh they passed a bill or are you just making this up no link

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Posted by mark - April 25, 2014 at 8:49 am

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03 The Exercise of Power Part 1

This programme records Margaret Thatcher's three consecutive terms in office, from the Conservative victory in 1979, to her ousting as leader in November 1990.

Duration : 29 min 21 sec

Read more…

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Posted by mark - April 23, 2014 at 7:43 am

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