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Life Insurance – Pounds Off For Pounds Lost

It is too easy to view the Americans as a nation of the overweight, but ignore the fact that the citizens of the UK are heading in the same direction. We don’t seem to do too well in sport these days, but look set to be world beaters for weight gain from generation to generation. Statistics issued by a government department always give cause for doubt, but when you take a stroll down your local High Street just look around. It is possible to see indications of the justification for claims that in 18 years time obesity will be a very major problem.

This spells future problems for the health service, as obesity is regarded as excess weight reaching the point where health problems can be the expected outcome. Even today the cost of lost working hours, disability pay and other problems associated with illness due to excess weight is said to be in excess of £20 billion. Take that 18 year leap coupled with the projected statistic that by then 1/3rd of girls and ¼ of boys will be clinically obese, and you get a picture of a grossly unfit nation which will struggle to meet the health demands of its inhabitants.

It is generally accepted that the ‘chubbier’ members of society have to visit their medical practitioner more often than do those with a lower body mass index (BMI), and that there are costs associated with these visits. The NHS claims that obesity problems use around £15 billion of their annual budget – a figure which can be expected to rise steadily for the foreseeable future.

You can be absolutely sure that the providers of life insurance are only too well aware of these facts, impinging as they do on the entire purpose of the services which they provide. In fact this increased awareness is becoming manifest in their approach to overweight clients. They may not even take your word for it that although you struggled to get through their office doorway, you really do only weigh 12 ½ stone. Any sign of a higher BMI is likely to cause a demand for a medical check-up before insurance can be arranged; the results of this check may lead to refusal of cover or a seriously raised increase in premiums.

You should not be too surprised if a set of scales is in evidence in the insurer’s offices. They do not stay in business by taking unnecessary risks, and an immediate weight check defines your excess weight risk factor beyond dispute. They also have to guard against the well known effects of weight loss on memory; typically this is often very evident in the ‘forgotten’ 2 week binge cruise taken since the last weight check which you are now submitting as accurate!

So you need to remember that the more the lb’s weight, the more the £’s on your insurance premium. Critical illness cover may become too expensive to contemplate, or you may well avoid the contemplation by being refused insurance outright. The trouble is that if you are overweight you are more likely to face medical problems and more likely to need insurance, but more likely to be refused,

There is even a mindset now spreading in the NHS which scandalously suggests that obese patients should not receive the same treatment as anyone else i.e. replacement hip or similar surgery should be refused, despite the fact that there can be no ethical basis for denying them this treatment. Strange indeed that some overweight patients, for whom slimming does not work, find that their GPs will provide little in the way of treatment and seem to align themselves with the approach of 50% of hospital doctors. What is it about weight which induces this negative thinking – very often it is not the fault of the patient and is outside their control?

What about the cause? If it is simply eating too much or the wrong type of food (or worse still – both combined) the solution is in your own hands. You should join a slimming club to educate you (and your stomach) in the correct foods and the most suitable quantities of same. You will meet like minded folk who face the same problem and will be able to provide support for each other. The gentle exercise which is often provided will help with fitness as well as weight loss.

If you have tried this route with no success go back and talk to your GP – tell him what you have tried and how it went. Talk about possible surgical solutions to your problem if you are prepared to contemplate this extreme route – many failed slimmers have found it to be a remarkably successful alternative.

Win or lose, you should start looking for a good insurance broker – online is the easy way, although it does rather lack any beneficial exercise – and get your life insurance arranged. Ensure that your policy allows for reductions in premium for reductions in weight, and then imagine your pleasure when you can revisit your broker to request just such a cost reduction!

Good luck with losing those pounds and saving those £’s!

Michael Challiner

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Posted by mark - May 31, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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Abortion Decision Raises the Stakes in the 2008 Presidential Race

The outcome of the upcoming 2008 presidential race will be influenced by the candidates’ positions on the significant issues that are captivating the minds of the voters. These issues will be the subjects of numerous debates that will be held as part of the presidential campaign. With the emergence of the Internet as an effective campaign tool, the release of online political videos will bring the presidential candidates views on these issues on the world stage.

The war in Iraq is probably the biggest and most relevant issue that the candidates will debate on as the unstable situation in the country and the absence of any weapons of mass destruction has triggered a fierce debate on increasing or withdrawing the troops stationed in Iraq. The war in Iraq is also connected to the war on terrorism and Iran’s desire to develop nuclear capabilities. Of course, there are also other less controversial but nonetheless very important issues such as health care, immigration, same sex marriage, Social Security, global warming and abortion.

The Supreme Court decision this week on “partial birth abortion” (in quotes because the term was coined by the pro-life side as a PR tool) means that no matter what else is said about the Bush Administration, his judicial appointments have created a seismic shift in the law of the land and social policy. And, with more openings sure to come in the next several years, the next president will have a dramatic impact on these types of decisions. If another social conservative is elected president who will appoint similar justices to Roberts and Alito, I would guess Roe v. Wade will be overturned or severely cut down making abortion in America more and more difficult.

This week’s decision did a few things that prove this point. First, it revisited an issue that was largely already decided in a previous case when Sandra Day O’Connor was on the bench and the court found the ban unconstitutional. That means a more conservative court would likely find a way to overturn Roe despite the fact it has been the law for 40 years.

Second, this decision made no exception for the health of the woman. That has always been an exception and most late term abortions are performed for this reason. Third, this decision talked in terms of “morality” and the impact of abortion on the mental health of the woman, arguing women may not be aware of the effects. This argument further opens the door to overturning Roe on moral rather than legal grounds.

Finally, this decision delved heavily into the medical procedure itself, describing it in great detail and then making a determination that in the Court’s eyes it should be considered a criminal act. That is a dangerous precedent for many other medical procedures other than abortion but certainly again gives another argument to pro-life activists seeking to chip away and overturn Roe.

All the presidential candidates will now have to answer questions about abortion and judges and we all have to listen very carefully to the answers because abortion rights and other issues related to privacy hang in the balance.

Joem Hughes

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Posted by mark - May 30, 2014 at 2:48 pm

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The hope of developing a global world order based on the rule of law individual freedoms and democracy?

The hope of developing a global world order based on the rule of law individual freedoms and democracy has been abandoned following the failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

I may not understand your question but the Bush doctrine of spreading freedom throughout the world may have been noble, but clearly not possible.

Democracy and freedom should be aggressively defended where it exists, but to try to instill it in areas where hundreds and thousands of years of partisan bickering and war rule the day is not possible. i believe freedom comes to those who fight for it, i don’t think it can be bestowed by people from a different culture. People don’t appreciate what they didn’t have to earn. The foundation of any free society is personal responsibility. I don’t think you can eliminate the tyrant and expect people who have never had to take responsibility for themselves to embrace it. We are fighting that battle in this country thanks to 50 years of the welfare state.

I think your point is correct. i think it is abandoned and that is probably the smart thing to do. On the other hand, i believe in helping those who had it and lost it.

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Posted by mark - May 29, 2014 at 1:13 pm

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how did the War of 1812 refuted the Jeffersonian republican ideals and policies?

Jeffersonian ideals rested mainly upon 3 central ideas: loosen american dependence on europe and prevent entangling alliances with europe, expand oversees commerce keeping industry in europe and keeping America mostly agrarian, and lastly keep peace and avoid war.

Jeffersonian president James Madison asked congress for a declaration of war in 1812 because of constant pressure. Although their ideals involved avoiding war, the Jeffersonian party would not survive long if it didnt prove able to govern, which meant they would have to protect the nation’s interest and defend their honor. Also contrary to Jeffersonian ideals was Madison’s move away from economics and foreign commerce in favor of military use.

And actually, contrary to what TG posted, the Whig party did not enter US politics until around 1830 or so. The Federalists were the other party involved and they were actually critics of the war.

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Posted by mark - May 26, 2014 at 10:15 am

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Class of 2005: Nadine Dorries MP

Iain Dale talks to Conservative MP Nadine Dorries.

Duration : 30 min 11 sec

Read more…

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Posted by mark - May 24, 2014 at 8:15 am

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should they outlaw listening to conservative talk radio while driving?

I saw where a study shows 93.4% of road rage perpetrators were listening to conservative talk radio when they snapped.


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Posted by mark - May 22, 2014 at 6:35 am

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