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The Ex-presidents of the United States of America – Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois on 6 February 1911. He began his acting career while studying economics at Eureka College. He broke into show-business when he landed a gig as a sports caster at a radio station in Des Moines, Iowa. Attracted to his distinctive voice, WHO radio signed him as an announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games, his speciality was creating play-by-play accounts of games that the station received by wire. While travelling with the Cubs in 1937, Reagan went for a screen test with Warner Brothers and was successful, the studio signing him on a seven year contract. Limited mainly to B-movies, he made almost twenty movies in the space of two years. However, in 1939, he was cast in the Bette Davies tearjerker Dark Victory which raised his profile amongst the Hollywood community. It helped him land a starring role in Knute Rockne, All American in the role of George ‘The Gipper’ Gipp, hence the moniker that would stick with him for the rest of his life – The Gipper. During World War II, he served as a non-active captain in the Army Air Corp, producing a number of training films, he was not sent abroad due to being near-sighted. Upon returning to Hollywood in 1947, he commenced a five year term as president of the Screen Actors Guild. It was during this period that Reagan became an active voice in Hollywood politics, speaking out against communist influences in the film industry. Finding it difficult to land further film roles, he went into television in 1954 becoming the host of the series General Electric Theater. Part of his contract involved speaking at General Electric plants, he wrote his own speeches which became more and more political, eventually proving too controversial for the company’s taste and he was fired in 1962.

 His entry into politics occurred when he made a televised speech in support of Barry Goldwater’s bid for the Presidential nomination in 1964. In 1966, Reagan beat Pat Brown to become Governor of California, his electoral manifesto had included imposing ten per cent pay cuts, ’to send welfare bums back to work’ and to quell the anti-war and anti-establishment student protests at Berkeley. However, once in office he found that he had to compromise his ideals – taxes actually increased, he had to accept an increase in abortion rights and he increased spending on higher education. He was re-elected to a second term in 1969, he made even further compromises with the Democrats and generally presented the more liberal side of his politics with a view to his seeking the Republican nomination for President in 1976. That bid failed, during his campaign he articulated his fears of Russian re-armament and the fact that America was facing economic obsolescence because of business taxes and regulation and social chaos because of social welfare dependency. During his 1980 Presidential campaign against President Jimmy Carter, these concerns became amplified due to Carter’s about turn on defence and welfare; due to a widespread if not a completely committed tide of conservative sentiment, Reagan prevailed. After little more than a year in the post, Reagan was victim of an assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Jr., a bullet missing Reagan’s heart by one inch, but piercing his left lung, it had the effect of soaring his popularity amongst voters. He introduced widespread tax cuts, increased defence expenditure, cuts in welfare and education budgets, business deregulation and a tightened control over government information. America’s new belligerent rhetoric and heightened demand of it’s priorities unsettled governments across the world.

When this rhetoric was followed by a threatened invasion of Nicaragua and an actual invasion of Grenada, North Atlantic affairs were in disarray. His foreign policies were defined by the tremendous antipathy towards the Soviet Union which he referred to as the ‘evil empire’. Reagan presided over a huge military build-up, spending over 2 trillion dollars on the strengthening of the armed forces. In addition, the Reagan Doctrine offered support to anti-Soviet guerrillas anywhere in the world, which led to America becoming involved in covert operations in Central America, Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Congressional hearings in 1987 revealed that the Reagan administration had being raising funds through arms sales to Iran in order to finance the activities of Contra revolutionaries against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Reagan’s polarity plummeted as a result of these findings. It was not until he came to an agreement with Mikhail Gorbachev to reduce short and intermediate range missiles that his popularity was restored. The Reagan administration claimed that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent ending of the Cold War was a direct result of US military spending and covert operations; this claim is contested by commentators who credit it to the reformism of Gorbachev and long term structural problems in the Russian economy. On the domestic front, Reagan’s predicted revolution in 1980 had failed to materialise – however a combination of conservative dogma, practical action and mastery of the media ensured that he held the public’s affection although the majority of the electorate disagreed with his policies.

Russell Shortt

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Law & Disorder – Episode 1

This is episode 1 of a series I made with my neighbors. It's a spoof on law & order if you guys have't realized.

Duration : 9 min 54 sec

Read more…

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Towards a United Planetary Nation From a United Nations’ Organization

“That time has come when discrimination with reference to communities, social status, gender and nations, will come to an end. Entire world humanity will live like brothers and sisters.”


“If in a particular country, if one or two court cases are fought, people will be amazed as to whether there is any individual who is full of hatred, cunningness and enmity. At that time there will be no racial difference or gender discrimination. A human religion will be established in the entire world. Today all nations have joined hands to establish the United Nations Organization in America. A time will come in the future when a United Planetary Nation will come into existence. Its capital could be any of the planets like Earth, Jupiter, Mercury etc. or another region outside our solar system. After having said this, definitely human values will gain a firm foothold in future. That day is very near when all planets, galaxies etc. of the cosmos will unite as one nation. It is akin to what we see today wherein our earth has more than 100 nations. All these planets, galaxies etc. will live like cooperative, friendly neighbours.”

The above quotation is not some imaginary story of Panchtantra or an imaginary incident of the journey of Ashwamedha horses. In fact this prophecy was made by a great prophesizer of America called Arthur Charles Clark, when he received the international award called Kaling Prize. Previously too he had given many prophecies and majority of the time, they were proved cent percent true.

The prophecies of Arthur Clark are slightly different from prophecies made by other seers. Clark was a scientist and a writer. Thus his prophecies had a scientific tinge which touched the hearts of his readers. His prophecies were proved so true that later on scientists based their research studies on the prophecies made by Clark.

Once in 1959 while attending a dinner party, Clark told his friend “30th June 1969 A.D. will be the greatest day in world history. I can clearly see an inhabitant of earth landing on Moon.”

Uptil the day when Clark made this prophecy, not even one space craft had been sent into interstellar space. It was only 2 years later in 1961 A.D. that Russia sent one of its astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, in a spacecraft so as to circumbulate our planet Earth. Hence in 1959 A.D. when Clark made the above prophecy, none of his friends believed it. Despite this, world humanity witnessed Clark’s prophecy come true, even if it had a difference of 20 days as far as the timing of the prophecy was concerned. In fact if in 1966 A.D. an Apollo spacecraft had not been burnt to ashes in Kennedy Space Centre, there would not have been this 20 day delay in the prophecy being proved correct.

Even as a small boy, Arthur Clark possessed this strange Extra Sensory Power (ESP) and power to predict future events. He always said “Man is not merely this physical body. He is that Power which has divine light full of brilliance. All Divine Powers of God are present in each individual albeit in a latent state. At present these Divine Powers are “sleeping” in the human psyche.

“I am seeing that in a short time span an intense thought revolution will rise in a country of Asia (India). Uptil 1971 in this country and within 10 years in the entire world, this revolution will be so intense, that the harsh psyche of human beings will have to awaken. That energy will be searched for and experienced by all of world humanity, which today they are virtually ignorant about. Science will take a new turn wherein spiritual principles will predominate. These spiritual attainments and potentials will be the basis on which the world will be united as one family.

People argue that life exists on Earth only. Even scientists say that other planets are lifeless. At that time Clark said “I had said in 1945 A.D. that there is no need to lay down electrical cables /wires in either the ocean or the entire world. If an artificial satellite of the speed of 17000 miles is sent into interstellar space, which revolves around our Earth, it will fulfill all requirements of sending telegraphic messages. At that time people mocked at me. I was proved right when in 1962 A.D., Bell Telephone Company sent a satellite called “Telstar” in interstellar space. Today other satellites like “Early Bird” and “Tolras” too have been invented which can send messages from one place on Earth to another place. In 1 minute these messages of the measure of 17 pages can be sent.

Once I had said that man is capable of producing so much energy from a very tiny atom that can destroy the world in a matter of a few minutes. Again no one believed what I said. It was only when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed that people realized I was absolutely right. I have made all these prophecies with steadfastness and confidence. With this same confidence I say that this world has not come into existence without a Creator. There eternally exists a mysterious force which is beyond the ken of human intelligence and prowess. This gigantic world was created as per the wish of this mysterious force. If this force created life on Earth, why would it not create life on other planets? If one day life is discovered on other planets, it is doubtless that populations of various planets will come closer and will design cosmic laws which will solve their problems.”

Just as Arthur Clark’s previous prophecies have come true, so too that day is very near when his above prophecy will also come true cent per cent. Via the mediums of Pulsar and Quasar rays, certain radio messages have been noted which force scientists to believe that life exists on other planets too. Scientists say that civilizations on other planets could be more advanced than those on Earth and that they wish to contact Earth inhabitants. The truth of Clark’s prophecies can be witnessed in the existence of clouds that exist billion of light years away and red coloured planets. Thus even the most conservative scientists have started accepting that life could exist on other planets.

A long time back Arthur Clark had said “For a few days I will land on Moon to spend my holidays.” Obviously people mocked at him. But today it is clear that, that day is not far away when people will book tickets to travel from one planet to another. Dr. Fernand Gabiz, director of France’s “Institute of Higher Defence Studies” says that henceforth when a hydrogen bomb will be invented it will function with the help of lasers. It will be called a Mini-H-Laser Bomb. Its power will be infinitely more than an electric bomb and its price will be not more than a few dollars. This technology will be of great help in minimizing the cost of travel from one planet to another i.e. in interstellar space. Thus readers of this book will definitely travel in space in the near future.

Arthur Clark while residing in Colombo (Sri Lanka) with his wife Dod made some prophecies regarding India’s progress. It matches with prophecies given by Jean Dixon, Cheiro, Anderson et al. They all said “In ancient times India was famous not only spiritually but also as a great scientific nation. I have heard that in the past, India had invented fire and water based weapons and also aircrafts. In future too, India will advance further in these areas and will be topmost in the world. Despite this, India will be predominantly recognized as a great spiritual nation. Indian spirituality and culture will become a World Religion.”

Clark had great faith in human progress. He had also made films. His movie “Zool Space Odyssey” gained international recognition. In it Clark tries to say that today’s man is much more advanced than that man of the past, who lived like an ignorant animal in the forest. Today man has intellectually progressed a great deal and with its help, he will not only travel in the entire cosmos but will also dive deep into the recesses of his infinite soul. Man will in future campaign for a life of world brotherhood, oneness of soul and love for one another. This goal will be definitely achieved in the near future.

Clark’s prophecies of India’s freedom, China and Pakistan’s friendship, war between China and Russia have come true, although the timing of events may have been a few days in advance or a few days later. Hence none should doubt his prophecy of a thought revolution and Era Transformation taking place in future in the world. This is because today all signs of this prophecy being proved true in future are witnessed in all corners of the world.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya

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What is difference between Rule of Law in USA and India?

Concept of Rule of Law is Strictly followed in USA with different standards which do not match with Indian Constitution’s Article 14.

they are very much different im sure on that.

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What are the conservative news sites?

Out of MSNBC, FOX, CNN….etc….

Which ones are they?

FOX and CNN are both right wing. Notice how often they use the word socialism to describe anything which shows the caring face of Americans.

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Has the Conservative party finally played the race card?

It’s funny that the NEW conservative party keeps on banging on about immigration, and guess what happens-yep! The polls show a bounce. I notice that there has been more hate violence in the last week, maybe someone can explain to me, civilly, why that should be so?

I’m not sure how they have played the Race card.

Race is normally assumed to be Black Afro; Black Asian; Chinese or White.

So if the Tories say they are going to be firm with Immigration that would mean White ‘New’ Europeans too.

The Political Parties anyway are like an erect and lonely penis, they are ‘Self Ejaculating’ and go soft very quickly.

Perhaps that is why they call MP’s ‘Members’?.

The fringe Right Wing tend to latch on to Right Wing statements as an excuse for any action including violence.

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