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Class of 2005: John Penrose MP

Iain Dale talks to Conservative MP John Penrose.

Duration : 29 min 59 sec

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Posted by mark - March 31, 2015 at 8:46 pm

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Top 10 Critical Mistakes Homebuyers Make And How To Avoid Them (part Two)

In part one of this article I discussed critical mistakes 1 through 5:

1.Using and out of town lender.

2.Not getting a loan approval letter before writing and offer on a home.

3.Buying too much house for your income.

4.Thinking short-term in regards to how long you will own your home before selling it.

5.Using 1031 exchange money to purchase a personal home.

Now for the “Top 10 critical mistakes home homebuyers make and how to avoid them”, 6 though 10:

6.Waiting for the “bubble” to burst.

Hot markets come and go. Cold markets come and go. Markets become over-priced, then over-time become under-valued. If you are waiting for a severe correction in real estate prices, pull up a seat, because you might be waiting a long time.

Homes, unlike other investments (the stock market for example) are valuable in two ways: 1) Psychological value – homes have value because everyone thinks they should, and 2) “real” value (people, homeowners and renters, need shelter).

Because homes are valuable in both respects, home values historically will usually only level out after a hot market. Sometimes homes will lose some value but not very much. St. George homes lost about 5% of their value after the last hot market in 1995…sort of like a balloon deflating because it took several years for this to happen.

If I were looking to buy a home I would be more concerned with interest rates and less concerned with playing with bubbles.

7.Not choosing an agent carefully.

In our town about 75% of real estate agents have been in the business one year or less. I suspect that this is true nationwide. The hot market of 2005 caused everybody and their brother to want to get their real estate license. When you contact a local agent, you probably have a 3 out of 4 chance of getting an agent who is severely under-qualified to represent you in the purchase of $250,000+ investment…your home.

You’ll want to contact at least four agents to make sure you are getting the best one you can find. Ask questions and then trust your instincts as to which agent is the best one for you.

8.Not having a home inspection done by a Professional Home Inspector.

A good, experienced Home Inspector will catch problems in a home that most homebuyers would miss.

I have seen all of these items missed by a potential homebuyer, but caught by a home inspector:

a.A dryer vent, venting into the attic

b.A ground fault interrupt breaker not working (this can kill you!).

c.Evidence of termites

d.Aluminum wiring

e.A roof leaking into the attic, but not into the main part of the home (yet!).

Several years ago I became aware of a transaction in our real estate office where the buyers decided not to have a professional inspection on an almost new home they were buying. They “inspected it themselves” to save the $300. Too bad they didn’t catch the fact that some of the basement windows leaked badly when it rained. The water stains were clearly visible had they known to look. That turned out to be a huge mess involving lawyers, threats and grief. This could have been avoided by paying the $300 to have a Professional Home Inspection.

9.Not receiving a home warranty at closing.

It’s 3:00 AM. You wake up hearing water running in your newly purchased home. It keeps running. And running. You get up to check it out and find your basement floor covered with water from the broken water heater. Luckily the damage from the water is minimal. You go to look for the Home Warranty confirmation in the documents you received when you bought your home the previous month. You know that the home warranty company will replace your broken water heater for only $55. Suddenly, you slap your hand to your forehead and make the Homer Simpson “Douhhh” sound as you realize that you didn’t get a home warranty because the seller wouldn’t pay for it and you certainly didn’t want to pay for it.

Lesson learned, always get a home warranty you buy a new home, even if you have to pay for it. It is money well spent. I would never buy a home without purchasing a home warranty. I never sell my own properties without a warranty for the buyer. It just makes good sense

10.Not meeting the neighbors before you make an offer.

Don’t you really hate it when your neighbors suck? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to do a little door knocking before you buy your new home? How about going online to look at your state’s website for registered sex offenders?

I did a little door knocking before I bought a foreclosed home in St. George. I was buying the home for my personal use and as part of the “due-diligence” I decide to meet the neighbors. I asked which house was the “bad house” on the street. I came to find out it was the home I was buying because the previous owners were noisy, rude, dirty, and didn’t care for their home. I changed that by buying the home and moving into it.

There you go; 10 simple steps to keep yourself, as a homebuyer, out of hot water. Violate any of these steps and you may end up losing a little or a lot of your hard earned money. Now go out and find the home of your dreams!

Don Glasgow

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Posted by mark - March 30, 2015 at 8:44 pm

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Where can I go on the internet to get conservative, non-bias news?

Can you give me a web site that I can get up to date, world, national and local news that is non bias and conservative?

With a Christian perspective is a plus.

I dont have a TV in my house or HD TV or anything like that…just the internet.


Just ask me and I will get the news for you or I just will make it up!

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Canterbury's Law

A new Drama on FOX from April

Duration : 44 min 13 sec

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Alan Keyes is right on the money!!!

Alan Keyes is right on the money when he talks about the end on America as we know it. We are bankrupt and we have a president that is doing everything in his power to keep his birth certificate sealed.

Duration : 3 min 52 sec

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Posted by mark - March 27, 2015 at 7:36 pm

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How to be a Law School Superstar

Superstars Know The Best Way To Focus Is To Take The Occasional Break

A law school superstar lives, breathes, and eats the law, but is sensible enough to take a break every once in a while and do something outside of the realm of law school to keep his or her mind sharp and hungry enough for more law once break time is over.

Superstars Know How To Manage Time and Meet Deadlines For School — They Also Ask For Help When They Need It

To rule the realm of law school when your sensibly taken break is over, a law school superstar either arrives at law school an expert in time management, or quickly transforms him or herself into such an expert. A law school superstar quickly realizes that the amount of work he or she faces would overwhelm a typical person, so a law school superstar makes it his or her business to effectively prioritize the workload so that the most important stuff gets taken care of right away, with the less important stuff taking a back seat. Most law school superstars make connections with more experienced law students who can help them determine how to prioritize their workloads.

Superstars Keep Shining Even During Their Breaks From School

In addition to performing at the top of their game in their assignments and in the classroom, law school superstars are always on the lookout for their next great opportunity to gain exposure to the practice of law outside the classroom. Law school superstars don’t work at Starbucks over their breaks, but instead have used their time management skills during the year to find the time to reflect on how best to utilize their time away from school. Of course, they will schedule some fun to keep their minds refreshed just as they do during the school year, but during their times of reflection, they will have discovered the highest caliber internships and clerkships available to them. And, being law school superstars, they will have applied for these opportunities early and secured them handily. In this way, a law school superstar can smoothly make the transition from superstar law student to superstar lawyer once the juris doctorate is in hand.

Superstars Know The Key To Shining Is Specialization

How do law school superstars know which summer work is the best for making them into superstar lawyers after graduation? They have put some thought into what area of law they would like to practice once they get out of school. They probably had some idea before entering law school, but since they are superstars, they also did their homework once they got to school. Law school superstars investigate the various possibilities for the trajectory of their careers by talking to more experienced students, faculty members, and mentors. By formulating a clear idea of what kind of superstar lawyers they’d like to be upon passing the bar, superstar law students are able to arrange their experiences in law school to maximize their chances of securing a position in the field of their choice.

Elizabeth Saas

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Posted by mark - March 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm

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