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The Law Of Ueki – Naked Flower

I know that it's not great, so sue me. Used the song "Naked Flower" From Murder Princess and the anime The Law Of Ueki.

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Constitutional Law

Virtual Classes Constitutional Law
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The Philosophy of Wing Tsun Kung Fu Training

The art of Chinese Wing Tsun Kung-Fu was described by the ancient masters as a ‘living philosophy.’

Wing Tsun, at the highest level, teaches you to understand yourself and how to interact with other human beings. Based on the amalgamation of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian principles, the etiquette of Wing Tsun is aimed at enshrining important ideals in its practitioners. These include a true appreciation of honour, loyalty, dignity, respect for other human beings and control of ones ego, emotions and temper. Without these a person can never master himself, or the art of Wing Tsun, as these two are synonymous.

It is these unique charcteristics which has led to the art being widely regarded as ‘the noble Wing Tsun.’ The ultimate aim of Wing Tsun, therefore is the development of the student. Indeed, ‘Si-Fu’ means ‘Father-Teacher’, an aknowledgement of the responsiblity of the Master when he accepts someone as his ‘todai’ (son). This in unlike most other Martial Arts, such as Karate where ‘Sensei’ simply means ‘Teacher’.

Wing Tsun also has three sides to it: Physical, Spiritual and Health. To find schools that teach these three together is unfortunately rare. Physical techniques can be copied, but spiritual guidance and understanding requires a true master. One of the most important teachings in Wing Tsun is that as a student’s physical techniques develop, he/she also develops as a person.

To truly comprehend the Martial Art does not require you to be or become Chinese, you simply need to understand the teachings of previous and current masters of the system. Logically, however, this is only possible if you appreciate the historical and social background to it. Thus, every part of the martial art that is ignored or changed before it is properly learnt undermines its foundations.

If you take away the etiquette or culture then you take away the history. If you take away the history of the martial art, then what are you learning? Simply a series of movies without any understanding or principles behind them. This is not a true martial art.

This need to understand the Martial Art as a whole is no different than if you wished to study for instance the humanities or even law. Hilaire Barnett was clear on this point in her book Constitutional and Administrative Law stating “to study the UK’s constitution successfully, it is necessary to gain an insight into the history, politics and political philosphy which underpin the constitution, it is an essential component without which the structure, law and policies of the state cannot be understood.”

Julian Hitch

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Constitutional Law experts: Can an executive branch simply reject a subpeona?

In the grand scheme of things, does the Bush presidential team have the constitutional right to cite executive privilege in response of a subpeona from the Legislative branch?

This is not a question posed to inspire political infighting; more a response to an answer I heard on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" from expert Johnathon Turley. According to Turley, the executive branch is unlawfully interpreting the executive clause of the constitution. By attempting to use legal measures to delay any accountability, the executive branch may be pursuing illegal activities. The show transcripts haven’t been published yet, so I can’t reference Turley’s comments, but I’m not quite sure how the Bush team is breaking the law.

Thanks for your input!

The Constitution does not spell out Executive Privilege, but, neither does it give the Congress the right to demand documents from the President. The concept of Executive Privilege is rooted in the idea of separation of powers, where each branch is supposed to function essentially independent of the other, except where specified by the Constitution. As the Constitution does not specify what is to be done in this case, the standard, with the exception of explicitly illegal activity, has been that Congress does not have the right to demand documentation from the White House.

In this case, they are merely trying to find illegal activity. In the cases of Watergate and Whitewater, there was explicit illegal activity, and in both cases, the White House lost its bid to protect documentation, but in most cases where there is no available evidence of illegal activity, the courts typically side with the White House on the legality of refusing documents.

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Cleveland Attorney The Skolnick Law Firm – Criminal Law

The Skolnick Law Firm LLC Criminal Defense The Skolnick Law Firm, LLC represents clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal courts throughout Ohio and areas of practice include: Bail and Bond Proceedings – signature bonds, cash bail, and pretrial release Domestic Violence – domestic abuse, domestic violence, and stalking Drugs & Narcotics – drug possession, manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking Drunk Driving & DUI-DWI – alcohol-related driving offenses & DMV hearings Expungement – sealing records regarding an arrest or criminal conviction Firearms and Gun Offenses – assault weapons, concealed weapons, and gun sales Juvenile Crimes and Juvenile Delinquency – gang activities, drugs, and runaways Mental Health Cases – mental health and emotional issues Pre-Charging Investigation – pre-arrest negotiation with police and prosecutors Probation and Parole – revocation proceedings and post-conviction motions Sex Offenses – sexual assault, domestic assault, rape, and other sex offenses Theft and Property Crimes – burglary, identity theft, and receipt of stolen property Three Strikes Cases – prior convictions and repeat offenders Violent Crimes – robbery, homicide, murder, manslaughter, and terrorist threats White Collar Crimes – bribery, extortion, counterfeiting, and embezzlement The Ohio criminal defense lawyers at The Skolnick Law Firm, LLC have the necessary experience to vigorously defend any criminal charges brought against you and have successfully done so for many clients in your situation. If you would like to discuss your legal options, contact us online or call us at (216) 685-9991 to set up a FREE consultation.

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Pranic Therapy Vii

Pranic Therapy Part VI

All the four forces in the Universe – weak nuclear force, strong nuclear
force, electricity & magnetism -are but different manifestations of
that Unitary power which the Vedists call Prana. Using this Vital Energy
to heal is called Pranic Therapy. This article is a continuation of the
earlier article Pranic Therapy Part V.

Integral Life & the Universal Stream of Consciousness, Prana

Never in the integral view developed in ancient India was life regarded
as restricted to certain cellular activities. Rather, life is a Universal
stream of Consciousness known as Prana in the Upanishads &
Consciousness- Force ( Chit Shakti ) in the Tantras. Each living being
represents a centre around which Prana moves at different levels known
as sheaths ( koshas). At the core of this multistoreyed personality
structure is the locus of the Self, known as the Atman.The Upanishads
state that just as the spokes of a wheel are fixed at the hub, so also
Prana and all psycho-physical structures are fixed in the Self. The
Self ( Atman ) is the Master Controller of Life that Western science
is seeking. The Vijnanamaya Kosha ( Intellectual Sheath) & the
Anandamaya Kosha ( Bliss Sheath ) are the sheaths where the light
of the Self is experienced.

The unattached Self, exercises its power through the Will ( known
as Dhrti), which in Yogic psychology is regarded as the dynamic aspect of
intelligence. With the help of the pure Will, a Yogi is able to keep all his
sense organs, all activities and mind under control, says the Geetha.
Acquisition of this pure will is the result of a Spiritual Awakening. This
Awakening, which takes place only through prolonged & intense spiritual
struggles, opens the divine door in the heart. This gives the yogi access
to all kosas or the five sheaths. He gains the capacity to open each kosa
to the stream of the Cosmic Prana. The stream of universal life flushes
out impurities & diseases from the personality system and brings in new
vigour and strength.

The world is overcome, aye even here,
By such that fix their faith on Unity
The sinless Brahma ( Absolute ) dwells in Unity,
And they in Brahma ( Absolute )! ( The Song Celestial )

The Cause all Disease – “Fault of Awarenes”

Intense striving alone can pave the way for this kind of yogic self-
mastery. But an inner alertness & some degree of general
supervision over all his activites such as eating, sleeping,exercise,
response to stressful situations etc can be attained by anyone.
It is failure of this inner watchfulness, known as Prajnaparadha or
“Fault of Awareness “, caused by ignorance and negligence that
makes a person yield to evil thoughts and deeds that is the root
cause of all diseases. .

Of the triune attributes of Nature – Rajas, Thamas and Satwa
( humanity, bestiality, divinity ), both Rajas ( humanity ) & Thamas
( bestiality ) are pathogenic. Satwa is non-pathogenic meaning
that living in rhythm with Nature can save us from diseases.

Charaka Samhita, an authentic treaitse on Ayurveda states
“The disturbance of the three humours are caused by Prajnapara-
dha, produced by the distortion of the intellect, will & memory ” .
Some of the aetiological factors are carelessness, lack of alertness,
forgetfulness & misuse of will power.The root cause of most of
the psychosomatic or constitutional disorders is Prajnaparadha,
the misuse of our cognitive and conative faculties. It is our
unconscious way of living, not in conformity with natural law, that
is the primary cause of illness.

Health can be restored by changing our way of living to a Self-
directed style. Hyperacidity, rheumatism, irritable bowel
syndrome and similar disorders are the body’s alarm signals
We can bring about integration of the personality if we extend our
Consciousness into the interior parts of the body & bring these
neglected areas closer to the light of the Self. This integration
fortifies our immune system and restores the coordination,
rhythm and balance in the working of the different organs. This
kind of extension of Consciousness can be done in different ways.

Extension of Consciousness by Meditation

The inner awareness which is the result of absorption in Meditation
can be extended into the affected part of the body through concentrative
visualization. If these meditative techniques are practised for some
days, the process of self-renewal & self-defence gets accelerated
and healing takes place automatically.

The Triune Meditation- ( Physical, Verbal & Mental )

Reverence for preceptors,continence, nonviolence – these constitute
Physical Meditation.

Speaking kind words, adherence to Truth, Self-study – these constitute
Verbal Meditation.

Cheerfulness, humility, silence, purity of heart – these constitute Mental

Maintaining Yin-Yang balance

Everything in Life has opposites, Yin-Yang. (Yin is expansion and Yang
is contraction ). The most common yin-yang imbalance is stress arousal.
Stress arousal increases the adrenaline & cortisol levels which inhibits
the immune system. Stress is misplaced effort & takes away the energy
required for healing.

Ultradian healing response is the second major yin-yang balance. Every
one and a half to 2 hours , our mind-body goes through a period of
daydream or slowing called the ‘Ultradian healing response’. We are
neglecting our healing cycle if we artificially keep perked up with coffee,
cigarettes, alcoholism or workaholism. Daydreaming, meditation &
quiet time allows us to take advantage of this Ultradian healing cycle.

The foundation of Life – The Superconscient

Modern Psychology & Psychoanalysis deals with the Subconscious &
Unconscious. Aurobindo averred that the Superconscient and not the
Subconscient is the foundation of life. The Fourfold Yoga is the science
of the Superconscious Mind. The mind via meditation opens up to the
Superconscient and healing takes up automatically.

Jung spiritualised Psycho-Analysis and was not an atheist like Freud.
Modern psychology is an infant science, rash, fumbling and crude. In
it the universal habit of the human mind, to highlight a half-truth and
generalise it unduly, runs riot here. Freudian psychoanalysis is half-
knowledge & half-knowledge is dangerous & can be an impediment
in the realisation of Absolute Truth. Neither the Subconscious
(which modern psychology highlights) – nor the Unconscious (which
Psychoanalysis highlights) are the important elements.The Supercon-
scious, and not the subconscious ( or the Unconscious ) is the
foundation of Life. The science of the Superconscient is Yoga
( whose Western equivalent is Free Masonry.) The Superconscient
is our evolutionary future as the subconscient was our evolutionary past.

( To be continued )

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer, writer & programmer of Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association Global ( ) as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. To subscribe to his free informative Ezine, the Z Files His Astro blog is up at & his Philosophy blog is Mobile 091 9388556053

G Kumar

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